April 13, 2012

Cullen Newborn Pictures

As with every one of my births (as I am sure with all moms) I had a fun / interesting delivery. I was under the gun to get everything at work wrapped up. I left work around 7:30 pm on Tuesday February 7th and was planning on working the next day until everything was complete and then I was taking myself out of work until Cullen was born. I was tired (due to very low iron levels), stressed and just ready for some R&R before the difficult routine a newborn brings. Anyway, when I arrived home I told my stepmom (who had arrived that day to help out) that I needed to start keeping track of my contractions because they were starting to feel a little more intense than my usual braxton hicks ones. I took a bath to try to alleviate the contractions and they were still consistent. I called my doctor to tell her I thought I needed to come up to the hospital (which was about a 45 minute drive away). She encouraged me to stay put for at least another hour to see if the contractions continued. I told her I did not want to get to the hospital too late to get the epidural and reminded her of how fast I usually deliver. She still encouraged me to stay home for one more hour - which if I listened to her I would have delivered on the interstate! Around midnight we headed to the hospital. I arrived at 8 cm dilated and too late for the epidural. After much pleading from me, they decided to attempt the epidural. Unfortunately it did not have time to take effect and I delivered Cullen without much medical relief - this is the second time (the first was by choice) that I have delivered with no drugs and it is quite painful! Cullen arrived at 2 am. As you can see from the pictures he was gorgeous - of course I am his mom so I would think so! I couldn't be happier to have my third baby boy and he is the perfect addition to our family.

April 12, 2012

Wow, it has been ahile hasn't it???

Well, I think it is finally time to update everyone on the Lewis clan - everyone is doing really well. I am heading back to work this weekend at my base and then on Monday at Michelin :(

Robbie and Danny are totally in love with Cullen - they really take care of their little brother. Kevin is working hard at his practice and is really starting to get into a groove.

I posted some pics of the boys because we all know they are the only Lewis pics anyone wants to see...

January 2, 2012

Frank and Daniel

These two are great buddies! (As soon as I have time - maybe five years from now - I will post other Christmas pictures!

December 7, 2011

Feast of St. Nicholas

December 6th was the Feast of St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas was an actual person who would travel around his area on Christmas Eve bringing small toys and trinkets to children in celebration of our Lord's birth. The character of Santa was based off this actual person. It is difficult to explain how Santa and St. Nicholas are "related" to a three year old (I don't even attempt it with Danny yet), but at the end of the day as long as Robbie realizes that we are celebrating Christ's birthday I will be satisfied!!!

I did not get a chance to take pictures of the boys discovering their shoes, but this was a "before" picture. Robbie woke up and walked right by these shoes and when I reminded him that they were there his eyes lit up and he went running for the shoes. He was so excited and pulled out each piece of candy and each toy slowly examining them because they were special gifts from Santa/St. Nick. This Christmas is so much fun so far!

Santa Visit 2011

Robbie and Danny visited Santa recently! Robbie was in awe of the man who he says is Jesus' best friend (we are trying to keep the focus on the "reason for the season"). He gave Santa a big hug and when Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas robbie said "treats" - meaning sugary foods/cookies/candy. Santa asked if that was all and Robbie decided to push his luck and also ask for "toys". Santa asked him if he wanted any particular toys and Robbie said "bad guys". For whatever reason our little man does not want to be the super hero, he likes the bad guys. I think this is because a few children's cartoon movies recently have told the story from the bad guy's perspective and have made the lines a little blurry between right and wrong - we are now much more careful what he watches!!!

Danny on the other hand was not too sure of this guy in a red suit. He didn't necessarily cry, but he certainly was very concerned that his parents left him in the lap of a total stranger dressed in a very weird outfit!

It was so much fun to take the boys to see Santa. This Christmas has been so special so far because the boys bring the magic back to Christmas. I am planning on spoiling them with fun activities, homemade treats and hopefully lots of special memories!

October 17, 2011

Downtown Festival

Just some pics of the boys at a downtown festival. Robbie LOVES Bibendum "Bib" (AKA The Michelin Man), so he just had to have a picture with him. And then he saw the chicken mascot for Zaxby's and gave him a hug! Danny is pointing at the balloon that flew away...he did not seem to understand that it could not be retrieved.

More weekend pics to follow (pumpkin patch, etc)...

October 4, 2011

Just another day at the Lake

We spent a day at the lake with some friends and here are a few pics from the day . . .