March 28, 2009

Daddy and his buddy

This is such a sweet picture. This was Thursday morning after our long trip. I was getting ready for work and Kevin was able to stay home with Robbie.

Grandma Therese, Great Grandparents (Scovill) and Great Uncle Michael

Grandma Therese, Great Grandpa Scovill, Mommy and Robbie

Great Grandma Scovill, Grandma Therese and Robbie
The whole Fam. My uncle Michael drove my grandparents down from MN so they could meet Robbie. I will always cherish this time that I got to spend with them. Thanks Uncle Michael!

Uncle Michael with everyone else!

Bath time

He loved taking a bath in Grandma Cheri and Grandpa Frank's kitchen sink. It would have been easier if he could sit up on his own, but he is still a little wobbly and will fall.

Dad, Cheri, Gina, Chedesters and Bottjens!

Great Grandma and Papa Chedester - he just adored them! He was giggling and talking a lot and kept looking up at them.
Grandpa Frank and his cousins Nicolas and Owen. Nic and Owen were so cute with him, so gentle, so curious, they made Robbie laugh harder than I have ever heard him!

His GREAT aunt Gina, and I mean great in many different ways! He loved being held by her and talking to her.

Grandma and Grandpa Cosgrove (Frank and Cheri) and Aunt Tiffani. He loved spending time with them.

Grandpa Frank and his little buddy. Robbie just giggled and talked up a storm with him. I think they are really going to enjoy each other. By the way - Dad you look GREAT! You have been working so hard (working out and recovery, not work, work) and it shows!

Robbie's First St. Patrick's Day - and Mommy's Birthday!

Hey Daddy, give me that camera!

We went downtown and stopped in a pub for some beer and then went to Mommy's favorite place for dinner. We sat outside near the park and enjoyed a yummy dinner. We walked around and came home and crashed - because we are old and can't stand that much excitement!
Mommy and her little man.

First Snow

Being silly at home with a warm fire and our pj's!

He loves to talk - just like Mommy and Daddy!
See his face??? He did not like the feel of the snow. Too cute!

First Snow Cont'd

He cried when we put his hand in it!

Look at his adorable face!

My two handsome boys!

He HATED being in this outfit! Lucky for him the cold only lasts a little while in the south - we could live in Iowa and he would be really miserable!

Washington, D.C. Trip

These are pictures from my trip to D.C. in February. I had to go for a Boeing reception on Capital Hill and meetings with Senators the next day. The night that we had the reception on Capital Hill was the night that President Obama gave his first speech to Congress. It was so amazing to be right there (obviously not in the room) that night. The city had so much energy and excitement. I think I will always remember this experience - and as I told Kevin on my way home . . . pretty much anyone can be a Congressman!

March 19, 2009

Mi Vida Loca

OK, so I typed my last message and then got all the way to posting all the pictures and I was writing a caption under each one and the computer pooped out on me, so no I have not posted the pictures yet and probably won't for a little while. We are leaving tomorrow morning (and have not packed yet!) to go to Iowa for almost a week. Robbie will experience his first plane ride and we are both excited and nervous. Work for me and school for Kevin are insane right now. We both feel like we can barely keep our heads above water, so that will explain why the blog is getting no attention - sorry everyone but this is a little low on my priority list right now! When we return we are hosting a friend of Kevin's from school, her husband and two children at the house because her husband has graciously offered to help Kevin pour a new stamped concrete patio. We are really excited for this little addition onto the back of the house so that we can start enjoying the backyard even more! Robbie loves to go out there, but the 8x8 or 10x10 space is just not cutting it!

I am wishing you all well and miss having the time to look at your blogs . . . hopefully things will slow down soon!

March 15, 2009

Wow, have we been busy!

Wow! I cannot believe it has been six weeks since my last blog. Sorry everyone! Just know that there has not been much to blog about . . . it has just been crazy busy here lately. My travel schedule has picked up at work and this past week I spent up at my base for a deployment exercise. Kevin and I feel like a truck has hit us. We have spent our day resting and trying to rejuice our batteries for this next week. The good news is that we have something to look forward to - a trip home to Iowa! Most of my family has yet to meet little Robbie, so we are so excited to get up there and spend some time with them.

What have we been up to you ask? Well, basically nothing but trying to survive lately - at least that is how we feel. We are just going from one necessary task to another, but we are finally looking forward to some fun times and getting out in the nice weather (it is still mostly rainy and cool here). One thing that has really kept us entertained is Robbie. He is really developing - both physically and emotionally. He is mostly in six - nine month clothes and he is getting so chubby! His little personality is really coming out. Of course we think he is going to be very smart, but we are also noticing a stubborn streak. Kevin swears he gets that from me. He also is a little demanding of attention which Kevin also says he gets from me - and I hate to admit that he is right! Robbie now easily rolls over from side to side, loves his toes and all of his toys. He has such an adorable laugh and is usually sharing it with us unless he is tired or hungry. Robbie thinks his daddy is hilarious and I think they are going to be best friends!

I have shared some pictures that we have taken over the last few weeks. Hope you enjoy and can you tell how much he has changed?