January 15, 2011

Fun at home and in the snow

my boys just hanging out
a smily faced robbie wearing my combat boots

mommy teaching robbie how to make snow balls
the citadel flag

January 12, 2011

White Christmas

We experienced the first white Christmas since 1960 this year - I am so glad that we didn't miss this special event. It was so wonderful to experience the magic of Christmas with our little family.
Robbie looking out at the snow.
I LOVE this picture

This is Robbie getting "tackled" by his other favorite Christmas gift - a dancing frog. Robbie "shakes" the same exact moves that the frog makes to a "shake, shake" song. It is so cute!

Christmas 2010 (cont'd)

Danny loved these chew toys that crinkle when you grab them. The dog in the background is from my mom - it is a coin bank and the dog barks and moves its ears and tail when you put coins in the bank. Robbie went crazy for it!
This was Robbie's favorite Christmas gift. It is a football "hat" (as Robbie calls it) with jersey and pants. He wears this non stop (literally). He begs to sleep in his football hat. He runs around the house yelling touchdown and tackle and tries to tackle us. I don't want him to play football, but it looks like I won't have a choice!
Opening gifts on Christmas morning
One more of them playing in the crib.
I had to throw this in since I took it while the boys were playing in the crib. We used the same letters to spell out Robert when Robbie was born.

Christmas 2010 (cont'd)

Daniel is getting such a little personality - he loves playing with his brother and is always smiling and laughing. He is so laid back - the exact opposite of his brother and parents!
Robbie and Danny playing in Danny's crib - Robbie begs to get in there to play with his brother. It warms my heart to see this!
Uncle Parker (and Kyle in the background). Parker is home from The Citadel. Robbie adores him and Danny is his godson.
Aunt Megan - Robbie calls her aunt Meme
Robbie and Kyle playing together - Kyle is such a fun uncle, Robbie loves playing with him and shows off for him more than anyone else!

January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

Bobbye - Kevin's mom and Danny and Robbie's Nana

Our downstairs tree
Our upstairs "kids" tree

Feast of Saint Nicholas

We started a new tradition in our family this year - we celebrated the Feast of Saint Nicholas. The night before the feast, you place your shoes outside of your bedroom door. During the night St. Nick places goodies inside your shoes. This celebration is actually where the Santa Claus character came from. St. Nick was an actual person early in the Christian church who would teach about Christ and leave trinkets and gifts. The boys loved this - we all had so much fun!

Danny's shoes - since Danny could not eat these, we actually used the goodies to fill stockings!
Robbie's shoes
Our boys - they have so much fun together, you can really tell they are going to be the best of friends!

Halloween 2010 (cont'd)

Daddy was suppose to pull Robbie, but Robbie wouldn't have it!
This is Robbie's buddy, Ms. Addison Browning
Our beautiful, and always happy, Danny Boy

Halloween 2010

Beach Trip (Oct 2010) (cont'd)

Yes, he is eating sand!!!
Covered in sand!

Beach Trip (Oct 2010)

Halloween 2010 - Pumpkin Patch (cont'd)

My poor attempt at a sibling picture - Robbie just would not sit still! To many other fun things to do.
My "best" sibling picture
Mommy's little pumpkin