July 15, 2009

Fun Time with the Lewises

Me and Papa
Dad, Papa gave me $20! I am going to buy a lot of pacifiers with this!

Uncle Kyle, your hair is spiky and stiff just like my Daddy's!

Robert Craven Lewis II & III

Uncle Kyle, put me down!

Random Shots

Kevin bought Robbie this truck. He can sit on hit or we can move the seat to a verticle position so he can walk behind it. He is walking like crazy with it - he pulls himself up and just take off. He is starting to let go and can now stand for a few seconds before he falls. It won't be long now before he is walking!
I am not sure if it is just Robbie or all kids but he is fascinated with these door stoppers. He plays with them constantly and always pulls them out of the wall. Every room he goes into he pulls the door back to look for these. We were concerned about him chocking on the white tips so we removed them but then I put a dent in a wall so Kevin put them back in!

Kevin also bought this blow up pool for Robbie. He loves the water. He was so excited to splash and play.

Splish splash . . . see the water on his face?

Mommy, is this the drawer you told me not to get into? See how long his hair is??? Yikes!

First Hair Cut

What a sweet face.
Fun times with the car - he had so much fun with this.

Robbie was sooo good. He just sat in the little car seat and let her cut his hair. Every once in a while he would look back at her with a look that said, "hey, what are you doing back there?" or he would swipe at her hand if she was distracting him from his car.

Mom, look how long you let my hair get!!! No wonder people thought I was a girl!

Please don't get my eyebrows!
Hey a car . . . I love playing with cars. He really did have fun playing with this car. He barely paid her any attention because he was too busy turning the steering wheel.

Dad, what do you think? Do I look like a little boy now? Mommy was a little sad, but he does look like a sweet little boy.

Fun Times With Daddy

Robbie just loves playing with his Daddy - I think they are going to be the best of friends.