January 30, 2009

Not Again!

Kevin and I went to pick up our Toyota last night because the shop called to say they were done with the repairs from the tree damage. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who has a multitude of skills because he took a look at the work and refused to pay for it. He showed the guy at least a dozen issues with the work that they did and also pointed out a few new dents and scratches that they put on the car while they were "repairing" it. Can you believe that? I hope Breakaway Honda does not try to pass off this type of work on every car they repair otherwise there are a lot of people driving around out there with shoddy work! The paint job they did looked dimpled like the outside of an orange and they didn't even attempt to repair the damages on the roof - I guess they thought we would not get up there to look at it and verify the work was done. Any way, we are hoping to get it back today but I am not holding my breath. I am really ready to get our second car back though because this one car family stuff is not easy!

On a more fun note, Robbie is really learning to make different sounds with his mouth. It seems that he is really close to making raspberry sounds, but we aren't quite sure. If I can figure it out, I will try to post some video of him. He really is the most adorable little man, Kevin and I live for every moment with him. We hate dropping him off in the morning and look forward to picking him up all day long. If only we could get paid to stay at home as a family!!!

January 29, 2009

Thanks, Kline Family

Kevin, Robbie and I went to our good friends, The Kline's, for dinner last night. Bridget made an INCREDIBLE dinner. I am still craving it this morning! They live just a few blocks away and sometimes it feels like miles - it takes us forever to getogether! We also played some Wii games with them and you will probably find this as funny as I did that their almost three year old legitimately beat Kevin at one of the games. It was so much fun to watch. We were joking that we missed the video games from our age - the ones were you could be lazy to play and sit down instead of the ones now where you need to move around! Robbie really enjoyed interacting with their two kids, Carter and Ava, but he seems to especially like "talking" to Ava who is about six months older than him. They kept looking at one another, squealing, talking and trying to touch each other. It was adorable! We joke that they will one day be boyfriend and girlfriend - if that is true I feel sorry for Ava . . . her boyfriend's parents will probably drive her crazy . . . well Robbie won't have it so good either because Tommy will be a scary daddy!

January 26, 2009

Looking Up

Things are starting to finally look up. We got our Nissan back from being fixed and it was $100 less than we thought, but unfortunately the hood is a different color than the rest of the body. I offered to drive it for Kevin, but THANKFULLY he declined. I promised him a new car as soon as he gets out of school! Our Toyota is in the shop this week getting the dent removed, so we will get that back on Thursday and be all done with car issues. Our computer is back and Kevin is almost done reloading everything. I am so thankful that he can do that because I would not have the first clue. He asked me what I do at work when something is wrong with my computer and I said, "uh, duh, I call IT!" I only know how to turn it on and off.

Robbie is getting more and more interactive. He is starting to roll over, which is like watching a close game of football for his parents. We are right there cheering, "c'mon, c'mon, almost there, yah!!!" What dorks we are! He smiles a lot and is very talkative. I blame that on Kevin and he blames it on me, I think that everyone who knows us would say that Robbie didn't have a chance at being a shy kid. He has already grown out of his 0 - 3 clothes and is now wearing 3 - 6 months. I want to just cry when I compare them to the newborn sizes. I miss my tiny cuddly baby, but I am so excited to have this laughing, smiling person to play with.

Kevin and I went to a friends house for a child's birthday party on Friday night. One family had one child, one family had two, one had three with one on the way and the other family had four. Kids were running around everywhere, it was a total zoo . . . and we couldn't have loved it more! We can't wait to add three more to our clan! Before you all panic though, don't worry, we are going to wait until the timing is right with Kevin's school!

Anyway, we are doing well and looking forward to this weekend. It will hopefully be nice enough to get outside and do something fun. Plus, we are really looking forward to watching the superbowl. I am cheering for the Cardinals because I like their quarterback, yes, that is how I choose my teams. I wish everyone a great week!

January 21, 2009

Again??? Are you kidding me???

So, another funny story . . .

Kevin was suppose to go to a seminar this weekend in LA. He wanted to try to save money so he purchased a red eye back after his seminar ended on Saturday night. He was just taking a closer look at his itinerary today and realized that the flight was booked back for Friday night's red eye and not Saturday night's red eye. The airline said that he must not have been clear and Kevin swears up and down that he told her exactly what night he needed and even double checked with her before getting off the phone. I travel enough to know that I wouldn't trust the travel agent!!! Poor Kevin, it seems nothing is going his way lately.

The bad news is that he had to cancel his seminar but the good news is that he we get to spend the weekend together as a family and I am going to insist that we get out and do something fun! I just looked at Kevin's cousin Brooke's blog and she and her family do so many interesting things that I made a decision to get my butt out of the house and do something fun too! Does anyone else get stuck in the rut of staying near home on the weekends to clean house, do laundry and cook for the week??? Work, work, work. My dad was not kidding when he said that being an adult was not fun and full of work!

An update on Robbie - he is still a sick little guy. Has a very chesty cough, is not eating much and (sorry to be gross) has not had a poopy diaper in two days. The poor guy is just pitiful and we hate to see him like this. It really breaks our hearts! Even though he is not feeling well, he still has some smiles and laughs to go around when Kevin and I act incredibly silly - he loves it when we yawn and sneeze. We usually have to fake these and look stupid, but we don't care because we get to hear his adorable giggle and see his cute smile!

January 19, 2009

You are going to laugh at this . . .

So the past couple of weeks have been very interesting in the Lewis household. First, our computer was sent back. You can thank FedEx for their terrible service, as usual. This is the third time that FedEx has sent back a package (before they were suppose to). There was a big cluster at the other end once the computer arrived back there, but supposedly it will be available for pick up today. I am going to swing by on the way home and hopefully we will finally have our computer! I am so far behind on saving and printing pictures of Robbie!

OK, next our adorable little guy just keeps getting sick. All of the other kids in his daycare are doing the same thing. I think they just keep passing it back and forth to one another. We just got him off antibiotics and within two days he is more sick than the last time. He has been coughing so hard that he chokes and then throws up and on top of that, he has busted outside of his diaper on numerous occassions - YUCK! He is just shy of a fever at 99.6, but he doctor said not to bring him in until he is at least 100 to 101. It is just pitiful, this poor little guy. I think his throat is hurting, but it is so hard to tell. So, we are still waking up a lot in the middle of the night. On a good night it is just once, but on a bad one I end up sitting up on the couch with him for hours! Thankfully Kevin is really helping out, otherwise I think I would be going crazy!

And last but not least we have two "broken" cars! The week before Christmas we traded in Kevin's truck, which needed about $3000 worth of work, for a 2008 4Runner. Thankfully, I got the new car and Kevin was going to take my 11 year old Nissan with excellent gas mileage back and forth to school - he drives about an hour each way. The first day that he drove my old car he wrecked it in a bad rain storm. It still isn't fixed . . . long story . . . So then he had to car pool with Robbie and me, which took him forever in the mornings to drop both of us off. The first day that he did that, a huge tree branch fell on our new car and left a softball sized dent in it! Can you believe the poor guy's luck? That car is also scheduled to be fixed, but we can't get it done until our other car is fixed . . . what a mess!

Anyway, it sound like all heck is breaking loose, but it really isn't. We are managing just fine. We hate to see Robbie hurting, but this is what little kids do and at least he is improving his immune system. We are getting around fine in one car and hopefully the other will be fixed soon. In the big picture, these things are just something for us to laugh at and call an adventure!

January 9, 2009

Almost Here

Kevin and I were so excited to see a notice on our front door that a package was waiting for us at the FedEx store . . . we are fairly certain it must be our computer. I am so excited because it has been WAAAAYYYY too long since I have posted a picture and my family and friends have been reminding me that it is long over due!

Also, please keep us in mind next week. I am taking my first work trip since Robbie was born. I am heading out to LA next week to finalize the Boeing C-17 contract and will leave Robbie in the good care of his daddy for two nights and three days. I am not nervous about Kevin's ability to care for him, but I am definitely nervous about my ability to deal with the distance! I didn't cry when I went back to work, so I am hoping this will be the same . . .

Another big milestone for me is returning back to my military duty this weekend. It is the first drill weekend for me in months and I am ready to get back into my uniform and get to work. I have been transferred from the supply warehouse to our transportation group and I am really looking forward to a fresh start. The other Captain that I am working with is a good friend and has promised to keep me busy - which I love, otherwise the weekends go way too slow!

January 8, 2009

Desperately Seeking Advice . . .

Ok, first of all, we are still without our computer at home so I am unable to post any pictures. It really stinks because we have so many cute ones to post! As soon as we get it back I will be able to post. I have not been posting much because I am not as interesting as some of my other blogger buddies and I have no fun stories to tell . . . we get up, go to work/school, come home, eat dinner, pack our lunches for next day, feed/play with Robbie and go to bed and that is pretty much it!

Second and most importantly, I am seeking advice from my Mommy friends. I hate to admit it, but Robbie has been sleeping in the swing (in motion) for at least a month or longer. From the day we brought him home up until then he had slept just fine in the pack and play and Kevin and I were getting ready to make the transition to the crib, but then all of a sudden he kept waking up every 20 minutes to every hour during the night. I was already back to work and in desperation for sleep we turned to the swing. Shame on us that he is still sleeping in the swing, but we just can't get him out of it! We really want to make the transition to the crib, but we are not sure how to do it without sacrificing our much needed rest. Also, over the last couple of weeks he has started to wake during the night again. Usually he goes down around 8pm (trust me, there is NO WAY to move that later, we have tried) and wakes around 2am. I feed him and he will then sleep until we get up for work. Some nights he will wake at midnight and two or two and four, but for the most part it is mostly just once at two. Anyway, I am desperately seeking any advice to help us trasition to the crib. We have attempted it but he wakes up after about twenty minutes and screams (and I mean screams!) until we finally come in to get him. We tried the comfort and then leave again thing, but he has that figured out and will continue to scream until we pick him up. My step mom suggested getting a sleep positioner because he likes to be cuddled so much and seems to startle himself awake in the crib, but we are not sure if we should just get a plain one or one that vibrates . . . anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!