January 30, 2009

Not Again!

Kevin and I went to pick up our Toyota last night because the shop called to say they were done with the repairs from the tree damage. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who has a multitude of skills because he took a look at the work and refused to pay for it. He showed the guy at least a dozen issues with the work that they did and also pointed out a few new dents and scratches that they put on the car while they were "repairing" it. Can you believe that? I hope Breakaway Honda does not try to pass off this type of work on every car they repair otherwise there are a lot of people driving around out there with shoddy work! The paint job they did looked dimpled like the outside of an orange and they didn't even attempt to repair the damages on the roof - I guess they thought we would not get up there to look at it and verify the work was done. Any way, we are hoping to get it back today but I am not holding my breath. I am really ready to get our second car back though because this one car family stuff is not easy!

On a more fun note, Robbie is really learning to make different sounds with his mouth. It seems that he is really close to making raspberry sounds, but we aren't quite sure. If I can figure it out, I will try to post some video of him. He really is the most adorable little man, Kevin and I live for every moment with him. We hate dropping him off in the morning and look forward to picking him up all day long. If only we could get paid to stay at home as a family!!!

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Katie said...

What would we do without husbands like ours?? Seriously, I'd pay for the bad work just because I wouldn't want to confront the guys who did it! Good for Kevin!!