July 28, 2011

Wow, its been how long????

OK, I KNOW - I have been a bad bad blogger. Can I just make a few excuses that I know will not matter? Crazy busy job - with a new business development responsibility and a new boss who resides in France; Kevin opening LIFESPAN Chiropractic Centers; two busy kiddos who are into everything and are either fighting with one another or sharing and playing in such an adorable way ;); and well there is one more thing . . .

I am also three months pregnant with baby #3!!!

We are nervous and excited all at once. When baby #3 arrives (and everyone is guessing girl - including Robbie), we will have three children aged three and under. And if we cannot hurry and potty train Robbie we will have three in diapers at the same time two. Goal number one is getting Danny to walk independently (he is so close)! Goal number two is getting Robbie potty trained! Goal number three is getting Robbie and Danny to sleep in one room - without waking up all night long!!! These are lofty goals, but will put me much more at ease having a third baby!

I have about a zillion great pictures that I would like to share, lets see if I have some time to download them on one of my last days of vacation!

I do read everyone's blogs, but then I run out of time and can't post anything - and it is never worth a post without pictures (I am not funny or witty enough for that!)