September 29, 2009

Next few posts

The next few posts I had to post pictures that I downloaded from snapfish. My mom took these photos and shared them with me and apparently they do not post well on the blog. Hope you enjoy them anyway . . .

Robbie and the Scary Grass


Robbie was terrified of grass (at least for a while, he seems to have grown out of it). Every time we set him in the grass he would raise his legs up so that they would not touch the grass.

Beach Trip

We went to the beach during my mom and grandpa's visit, here are a few cute pictures of Robbie from the beach.

Grandma Therese and Great Grandpa Scovill's Visit


This post is about a month late, but better late than never! We had such a great visit with my mom and grandpa. Unfortunately Kevin was busy studying the whole time so he didn't get to enjoy it as much as Robbie and I did, but we have many more visits for him to enjoy! My mom and grandpa stayed ten days and watched Robbie during their visit. My favorite story from this visit is that my mom had teased me that we put Robbie in a pack and play when we need to get something done, she said that she never did that with us and that he should be able to be free to roam around and explore his little world. Well, one day I came home from work and found Robbie in the pack and play, I of course teased my mom about it and she just laughed sheepishly! I loved that!

September 18, 2009

The Virgin Mary

The title is a bit dramatic, I know. But it is how I felt this past week - like Mary on Christmas Eve. No rooms at the inn . . . Let me go back to the beginning . . .

8:00 Tuesday morning I arrive at the airport in Greenville to catch my flight. Just as we are about to board they make an announcement that there is a slight issue and a mechanic just needs to "come sign something off. It will only be five minutes". Well after about 30 they make another announcement that they are just waiting for the mechanic to arrive and as soon as he does he will just sign some paperwork and we can be on our way. They continue to make this same announcement for close to two hours. Meanwhile I am thinking, it is 10:00 on a Tuesday morning, the airport is very small, where the heck is the mechanic coming from? It shouldn't take almost two hours to get there. The flight I was trying to get on was to Atlanta and it only takes 2.5 hours to get there, maybe they were bringing in a mechanic from there??? (J/K) Anyhoo, to make this part of the saga short I will just say that the "five minutes to sign a document" turned into five hours. About every 20 - 30 minutes they would make an announcement telling us not to leave the area because as soon as the paperwork was signed they were going to take off and not wait for anyone. It had been about 45 minutes since the last announcement so a guy from our flight went up to the counter and asked what was the latest on our flight. She said that it was cancelled. He asked why she hadn't made the announcement and she said that she had (she hadn't, we were too scared to leave the area so we know she didn't). Anyway, we gathered our things, we back outside of security, stood in a very long line waiting to speak to the representative to rebook our flights. Most people were being delayed until Wednesday but because I was a medallion member I was rebooked on a flight leaving in an hour. Well that flight was then delayed another two hours for weather in Atlanta. So by the time I finally got to Atlanta, ran through the airport (which is another story but will make this too long of a story so I will just hold off on that) and got to the connecting flight gate the doors had just closed! At this point I was starting to get annoyed. I waited in another long line to rebook the next flight - and spoke with a lovely woman who was incredibly helpful and kind (yeah right, so was a total jerk!). I have to admit that I had a very large margarita and it took the edge off a bit! I finally made the connecting flight - last one to Salt Lake on Tuesday. I arrived in SLC and go to get my car (at about 11 pm). The car is not there, why you ask, because they "didn't think I was coming" so they gave it away. There were about thirty to fifty other people with the same problem - not all of them booked with the same company. So we would hear a little rumor that Avis had five cars left and we would all run over to the Avis desk to fight for the cars. Then an announcement would be made that they were out so we all ran to the next desk to wait in line for their cars. When the last car, literally the last car available in the SALT LAKE CITY airport (c'mon seriously it is not like this is Podunk, NE it is a LARGE city!) was rented I finally got in line at the taxi station. A $130 cab ride later I am on my way to Ogden, UT which is about 30 minutes from SLC. I am telling the cab driver about my saga and he joked that it would top off the night to have the hotel give away my room. I suddenly felt very sick because I just KNEW that was going to happen. So with about 15 minutes to go in the drive I called the hotel and of course they had given away my room. They said all the other hotels in the area were also booked but they did find me a room in a city about 30 minutes away.

Can I just say that I HATE TO TRAVEL and that I wish it would be six months before I had to get on another plane???

September 14, 2009

Bloggers, I am really lax lately, I know. But please bear with me, the last few weeks Kevin and I have been through the ringer. We have had visitors for two weeks, followed by a trip to Kevin's grandparents and then Kevin's boards this past weekend (I was in Charlotte for the national guard) and this week Kevin has finals and I am in Salt Lake City for work. I am hoping to start catching up in the next couple of weeks and I will post pictures and hopefully one of these days figure out how to post video. Meanwhile, I love getting a quick fix when I can of everyone else's blogs!

A quick update on Robbie: it's official, he is walking. No more assistance and no more hands in the air for balance. In fact, I think we might call him Gump because I think he is going to start running every where he goes. I think he will concentrate on one development at a time. For example, he did not seem very interested in communication developments while he was concentrating on learning to walk. But now that he has that task mastered he is developing his communication skills. He will now lift objects to his ear when you say "hello, Robbie the phone is for you". It is too cute! He seems to understand what we say to him, especially if we are asking him about his every day interests (blankie, dog, food, etc).

I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of autumn and the football season. I just can't believe how fast time is going by.