December 10, 2009

Catching Up

Well, I am behind in my blogs once again. I actaully do have a few pictures, but it is the time required to post them that I don't have. Kevin is wrapping up his quarter and is getting home around 8 or 9 at night. So that leaves me to get Robbie home, fed, bathed and in bed. By the time I have that done I only have enough energy to clean up and get into bed - so sorry everyone, but that is our reality right now. Hopefully things will slow down a bit as he gets closer to graduating, but I am not holding my breath!

On a similar note, if anyone wants to come help me fold and put about 10 loads of laundry away tonight it would be greatly appreciated! ;)

I will try to post before we leave on the 20th for Christmas, but if you don't hear from us until after the new year, please do not be surpirsed. We are going to be in Iowa from the 20th of December until the 2nd of January. Kevin and I return to work/school on the 4th. I am desperately trying to get Christmas cards out, but please do not be surprised if that doesn't happen either!!! We are thinking of all of you and praying for you to have a safe and very Merry Christmas and New Years!

November 15, 2009

Halloween 2009

Robbie loved picking up the pumpkins. He started with the small ones and worked his way up to the big ones. It was so much fun to watch him explore the pumpkin patch! His costume was a big hit!
I love the back of this costume.

Halloween 2009

Halloween 2009

Kevin said that I couldn't put this picture on the blog, but since he doesn't check it I thought I could get away with it! In case you can't tell it is a baby goat nursing on a mommy goat - I know, so sweet, right? Or I am the only one who thinks so?

Look Meghann - I got these up faster than you thought I would! Yeah!

Go Auburn Tigers!

Kevin and I were so fortunate to attend an Auburn game this year with Kyle and Meghan (Kevin's brother and his wife). We had a lot of fun driving down to the game and listen to Iowa win on the satelite radio (or at least I had a lot of fun doing that!) and when we arrived we had time to eat a bite and check out the campus. Nana and Papa watched Robbie on their first overnight visit and of course he went to bed easily and slept through the night - now why can't he do that when we are home???

Our Little Fireman

Robbie was given this fireman's hat at school. He loved playing with it at home and putting it on his head and Mommy & Daddy's head too!

November 6, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Robbie and his Nana
Robert Craven Lewis, Sr and Robert Crave Lewis, III

Everyone enjoying Papa's birthday celebrations!

Robert Craven Lewis, Jr and Robert Craven Lewis, III. Robbie is a big fan of corn!

Labor Day Weekend

Robbie just had to get his hands on Papa's ear of corn - a true "Iowan"!
Aunt Debbie and Morgan - Debbie brought Robbie a really neat Texas shirt. I think Robbie feels like a tough kid in it!

Aunt Ann and Morgan (Ann is Morgan's grandmother)

Robbie couldn't decide which toy to play with

He always has one of his feet up in the air and he always flexes his toes - we laugh every time we see it.

Labor Day Weekend

Our little man - we love his adorable face!
Uncle Parker and Robbie - Parker is such a good uncle!

Aunt Kim and our sweet Morgan

Parker and Robbie

Morgan - isn't she adorable?!?!

I just received a cd with these pictures from Kevin's cousin - at least someone did a good job of taking pictures that weekend!

October 23, 2009

He Did It!!!

It's official! Kevin passed his part two and physiotherapy national boards. Not only did he pass, he did really really well on them . . . again! His first boards were days before my due date. He was really stressed and managed to get really high scores. This past exam he struggled to balance his needs at school, in the clinic and at home and he still managed to do very well! I am so impressed with Kevin and his ability to manage all of the stressful responsibilities in his life. We are truly blessed!

He still has to take part three in March and part four in May. He is already preparing himself for these tests and will hopefully hit the books hard after the holidays. We pray he does well on these tests as well, since a delay in these tests will cause a delay in graduation.

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers - they worked!

October 10, 2009

Finally caught up

OK, so I am finally caught up, but you know what that means - you will have to check out "older posts" at the bottom of the first page because I could not fit them all on the first page! Hope you enjoy his birthday pics, we had such an amazing day and Robbie really seemed to enjoy it. We are so blessed to have so many people thinking of him and/or joining us on his birthday!

1st Birthday Gifts

1st Birthday Gifts

Sharing his cake and cleaning him up