May 24, 2010

Our (Almost) Perfect Romantic Weekend

No, it is not what you think . . . Kevin and I were just fine, it was Robbie. Let me start from the beginning . . .

For a wonderfully thoughtful Christmas gift Kevin's parents bought us one night at a local bed and breakfast. It is a beautiful place and we highly recommend it ( We chose this weekend because Kevin finished his very LAST test for school on Thursday and we wanted to celebrate the (almost) end of his four year journey to becoming a Chiropractor. As a side note, I just can't tell you how proud I am of Kevin and his amazing accomplishment. I want to shout it out, throw him a big party or somehow recognize his accomplishment, but my very humble husband doesn't want any of that! Anyway, back to the story . . . we made arrangements for Kevin's parents to watch Robbie over night. It seemed perfect since we all thought a "practice run" might be necessary since they will be watching Robbie while we are in the hospital with Danny. Well after dinner but before our movie we got a call from Kevin's parents that Robbie was running a 102/103 degree fever. Well, that is it, let's pack our bags up and go get him! At least that was our first reaction, but after discussing it with Kevin's parents they said they would keep us updated with his status but they so sweetly insisted that we continue our romantic evening (by the way, this is our first overnight without Robbie, so tramatic and exciting all at once!). Long story short, they ended up keeping Robbie all night while Kevin and I enjoyed a night at a beautiful B&B. Robbie is just teething and after some tylenol he went right to sleep and although he fussed during the night, there were no major incidents (thank God!). Kevin and I spent a while in the garden talking after our movie - we have done very little "chatting" in the past year. Most of our conversations have been about chores, school, etc. It was so nice to just relax and spend time together. We hope to do something like this again (after Danny is about Robbie's age of course!)

Also, a future post will be coming about our other activities from this weekend - we finally picked out all the material for our kitchen upgrade. Hopefully by the end of June or beginning of July everything will be in place! At least I hope so because I think I will freak if my kitchen is still all torn up when the baby comes!

Here are some pictures of the B&B:
One is of the front of the house and the other is of the garden where we chatted!!! So beautiful!

May 10, 2010

It's a sad day in the Lewis Household :(

Kevin is leaving for Atlanta today to begin his grueling week of studying for and taking part four national boards. It was a good good-bye for Robbie because one of his favorite words right now is good-bye while he does a cute wave. So he just kept laughing and saying good-bye, but Mommy (being preggers and very hormonal this time around) boo-hooed. You would think that I wasn't going to see him for a year - how do the military spouses do it??? I will see him on Saturday and I was acting like a fool! Poor Kevin! I am sure was thinking, stop crying, I have a million things to do but since you are CRAZY lately I better stand here and console you so I don't get into trouble!

Please keep my favorite man in your prayers this week!

May 7, 2010

Congratulations Kevin!!!

I am so proud of my smartie pants husband - he passed Part Three National Boards!!! He is three for three so far with National Boards (plus he passed his physiotherapy national exam). He leaves on Monday to go to Atlanta for a week. He is in a class to help him study for boards Tuesday - Thursday and has Part Four National Exams on Friday and Saturday. If you have ever seen the show House, his Part Four is much like that. "The patient presents with such and such symptoms, what is wrong with him/her". This is done in actual rooms with actors as patients and a Dr. in the room to grade Kevin. This is a grueling test that covers not only Chiropratic but also medical symptoms. Please pray for him that he remembers the past four years of information and passes the test with flying colors!!!

Robbie and I are so proud of our hardworking hubby/daddy! Good luck next week Kevin!!!

May 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Bubbles!!! He had so much fun chasing bubbles - and still does!
He even learned to blow some of his own bubbles - but then was curious what they tasted like . . . not so tasty he decided!

Having fun with Papa (one of his favorite words to say)

Running to his uncles Kyle and Parker - two more of his favorite people

Easter (cont'd)

Robbie with his eggs

Mommy, Daddy and Robbie
Oops, he spilled his eggs! Watching Robbie brought such joy to all of us! It's amazing how entertaining an 18 month old can be!

For some reason he kept carrying the yellow egg in one hand so it only left his right hand to pick up the eggs. He didn't understand when he started spilling eggs out of the bucket every time he bent over to pick up an egg!

Mommy's special little man

Easter (cont'd)

This bunny is from Mommy and Daddy. He had a bigger one from the "Easter Bunny" aka Grandma and Grandpa Cosgrove that is not pictured.

When Robbie was done finding his eggs, he decided that he would hide the eggs for Mommy and Daddy to find. Pictured above was his favorite place to put the eggs.
Silly boy!

He had so much fun - and this might be a bit of a sugar rush too! Not only did we allow candy before breakfast, but breakfast was basically candy - carmel nut rolls, fruit and quiche!

See Mommy and Daddy, I found the egg!

May 3, 2010

For the cheering/jeering crowd:

I know, the title is a little goofy, ok really goofy. I guess that is just the mood that I am in this Monday morning. I am feeling a little bad because a few of you have mentioned how long it has been since I last blogged (don't worry, I won't name names), so I thought I would at least give an update, even though I don't have pictures available . . .

I had military duty all weekend and Kevin studied for boards so my in-laws helped watch Robbie (again). I feel so bad, we are completely wearing out our welcome by asking them to watch Robbie so often, but things are just crazy lately. In 17 days Kevin will be completely finished with all of his graduation requirements! He has part four national boards May 14th and 15th. The following week he has exit exams from clinic (basically where the school determines if they feel Kevin is worthy of a diploma from their school) and finals. The poor guy is so over loaded with work - not only at school but helping out at home since I am unable to do so many of the domestic chores/errands. I hate to brag to all of you, but simply put I have the most amazing husband in the whole world! Yes, I said it, my man is a STUD!

OK, enough of the "gross talk". As usual I have some really fun/cute pictures of Robbie in my camera that I need to download and then upload to my blog but it will probably be a while before I can do that. I have literally been traveling, working or in a birthing class for the past four weekends and my next five weekends are completely full also. I told you we were busy!!! Some big events for the Lewis family would be the scheduled visit of Grandma Cheri and Grandpa Frank (My dad and step mom) May 13 - 17, an evening at a local bed and breakfast for Kevin and I on May 20th (a fun celebration the day after he finishes all of his graduation requirements), Parker's (Kevin's youngest brother) high school graduation May 28th, a weekend at Granny and Papa's (Kevin's paternal grandparents) in southern Georgia May 29 - 31), and Kevin's graduation on June 19th!!! We are so blessed to have so many special and wonderful events coming up. It makes life so fun and makes the pregnancy seem to fly right by!

I hope the spring is going well for all of you. It is beautiful down here in sunny South Carolina! We are trying to enjoy as much of the weather as we can and we are looking forward to a fun summer. Kevin and I are already thinking about autumn and all the fun football games we plan to watch and attend! Much love to all of you and I promise to post pictures as soon as I can.