May 24, 2010

Our (Almost) Perfect Romantic Weekend

No, it is not what you think . . . Kevin and I were just fine, it was Robbie. Let me start from the beginning . . .

For a wonderfully thoughtful Christmas gift Kevin's parents bought us one night at a local bed and breakfast. It is a beautiful place and we highly recommend it ( We chose this weekend because Kevin finished his very LAST test for school on Thursday and we wanted to celebrate the (almost) end of his four year journey to becoming a Chiropractor. As a side note, I just can't tell you how proud I am of Kevin and his amazing accomplishment. I want to shout it out, throw him a big party or somehow recognize his accomplishment, but my very humble husband doesn't want any of that! Anyway, back to the story . . . we made arrangements for Kevin's parents to watch Robbie over night. It seemed perfect since we all thought a "practice run" might be necessary since they will be watching Robbie while we are in the hospital with Danny. Well after dinner but before our movie we got a call from Kevin's parents that Robbie was running a 102/103 degree fever. Well, that is it, let's pack our bags up and go get him! At least that was our first reaction, but after discussing it with Kevin's parents they said they would keep us updated with his status but they so sweetly insisted that we continue our romantic evening (by the way, this is our first overnight without Robbie, so tramatic and exciting all at once!). Long story short, they ended up keeping Robbie all night while Kevin and I enjoyed a night at a beautiful B&B. Robbie is just teething and after some tylenol he went right to sleep and although he fussed during the night, there were no major incidents (thank God!). Kevin and I spent a while in the garden talking after our movie - we have done very little "chatting" in the past year. Most of our conversations have been about chores, school, etc. It was so nice to just relax and spend time together. We hope to do something like this again (after Danny is about Robbie's age of course!)

Also, a future post will be coming about our other activities from this weekend - we finally picked out all the material for our kitchen upgrade. Hopefully by the end of June or beginning of July everything will be in place! At least I hope so because I think I will freak if my kitchen is still all torn up when the baby comes!

Here are some pictures of the B&B:
One is of the front of the house and the other is of the garden where we chatted!!! So beautiful!


Brooke said...

How beautiful is that place, wow! I bet it was so nice to get happy for you guys, you deserve it!

Meghann Whitmer said...

Congrats get to work:)

Your B&B looks awesome. I hope you were able to enjoy a is about to become crazy!!!!!!