August 18, 2011

Just sittin' here...

I am just sitting in the DC National airport waiting for my delayed flight. This is the end of a stretch of seven straight weeks of travel - I had another one of these stretches earlier in the year. All I can say is I am tired, my nerves are shot and I JUST WANT TO GET HOME!

An update on Kevin's practice - it is up and running! He has not had his "Grand Opening" yet because he is not ready for that, but he is at least seeing patients. The only problem is the patients he is seeing are non-paying patients so the next step is to get this not-for-profit thing turned into a profit making machine! Please keep this process in your prayers, this has been incredibly hard on both of us and we take turns losing our faith in making this decision!

The boys are doing great. Robbie is half way through potty training and luckily I have missed most of the accidents while traveling (wish I could say the same for Kevin, hehe). He is very proud of himself and is also sleeping through the night on many nights. Quite an improvement for the kids who slept in 45 min - 1.5 hr increments for the first 12 months!!! Danny is walking now and his biggest goal in life is to follow his older brother around and steal his toys. It is such a joy to watch these two!!!

Baby #3 is healthy and happy. I have another appointment next week and one month after that we will find out if we are having another boy or a girl! Yes, we decided to find out . . . what can I say, we just don't have the patience to wait!

I pray all is well with all of our friends family and loved ones. I miss all of you and wish I could post more often, especially with pictures of my boys (all three of them), but I guess I just need to take things one day at a time right now and cut myself some slack.

Oh, and I can feel baby #3 moving!!! It is so much fun to "play" with baby squiggles!