June 20, 2009

Finally caught up

OK y'all, I have finally caught up on all my photos! I told you I had a lot! Please make sure you go to previous posts to see all the pictures. I had so many that they are already back logged!

Also, the newest ones are first and the oldest ones are last. If I could blog more frequently this wouldn't happen, but alas this is the best you are going to get!

Scovill Family

Grandma Therese (or Grandma Cheese as her other grandkids have called her - because cheese sounds like Therese to them, not because she eats a lot of cheese :), Great Grandpa Scovill and Robbie

Great-grandpa Scovill and Robbie
C'mon Robbie, look at the camera!

Aunt Katelyn and Robbie - she got him to walk for the first time! It really kind of ticks me off because I have been working on it and he refuses, but as soon as she tries he was all about it. He didn't really walk on his own, but she held his hands and he took steps. He has not repeated this feat since she did it!

My cousin Ann, who is an inner city high school teacher in Phoenix, and my Grandpa Scovill

More Family Photos

Uncle Zac - aka The Godfather, holding his godson! They were so cute together, I think Robbie really adores his Godfather Zac!
My aunt Deb warming up for the Scovill bowling tournament - I can't remember but I think Ann might have won.

Uncle Michael - he graciously and selflessly drove my grandparents all the way to Iowa in March so that I could see them. It was the last time that I spent with my grandmother and I will always cherish it and be gratful. My grandmother really got a kick out of Robbie and his red hair.

A statue at the church that we really liked. If we can find one like this we would like to have a little garden out back - that is only if we can find the time and the ability to plant one!

This is a picture of my grandmother taking her first Communion. I wore the same veil and my mothers dress for my first communion.

Aunt Mary and Uncle Alan standing in the same place they took their wedding vows. I accidentally just erased a sweet one of them kissing but since I have been updating this blog for two hours I think I am just going to let it go!

My cousins Ann and Katie - aren't they lookers???

My grandpa and his wonderful sister. I had such a great time speaking with her about living on a farm!

Scovill Family

My uncle Greg, Aunt Mary, Grandpa Scovill, Aunt Deb, Uncle Michael and my mom - this is her family. It was great to see family, but I hate the circumstances that we had to get together - the passing of the most wonderful woman I know, my Grandmother Beverly. She was such an amazing woman that I could just not do her justice trying to describe her. I can only wish that I will be half the woman, mother and grandmother that she was and I would consider myself so very blessed.
My cousin Bryce who is a Staff Sergeant in the Minnesota Army National Guard and has served honorably in Iraq - he also suffered a major injury and yet still serves!

Robbie and all of his second cousins. They were just amazing, they all wanted to hold and play with him and when he got fussy during the visitation service they entertained him and made him laugh!

Two redheads - you would think they were siblings and not second cousins!

Robbie was such a blessing during this time. I know he brought a smile to my heart when it was heavy and I think he might have done so for my mom and her family.

Robbie and Grandma Cheri

Grandpa Frank & Grandma Cheri Visit

Cheri was so generous and helped me redecorate my living room. I had told her that I was thinking about redecorating and painting but Kevin begged me not to - she found ways to add decorations and get the look I wanted. I added just some pictures to show what she did.

For three years I have had a blank mantle - it is huge and white. I had asked Kevin how much work it would be to rip it down and he just hung his head. Cheri found some decorations to make it look great!

Grandpa Frank, Grandma Cheri and their third grandson Robbie!

Robbie's First Trip To The Zoo

Grandpa Frank & Grandma Cheri Take Robbie To The Zoo!

Random Pictures Around The House

Mother's Day Weekend

This is the family at Mary's Restaurant on Mother's Day. Kevin took me to my favorite Sunday brunch spot for Mother's Day. We sat on the balcony outside overlooking the gardens, park and bridge. It was a very special day for me!
Me and my boy on Mother's Day - don't look at my hair it looks horrible!!! That is what happens when you are rushed getting ready for church in the morning!

This is Robbie in the park downtown the Saturday before Mother's Day. He loved the feel of the grass.

This is Robbie about two seconds from pitching a fit. He just would not cooperate with us so we didn't get the cute park shots that we wanted.

What a cute boy!

Me and My Daddy