June 20, 2009

Scovill Family

My uncle Greg, Aunt Mary, Grandpa Scovill, Aunt Deb, Uncle Michael and my mom - this is her family. It was great to see family, but I hate the circumstances that we had to get together - the passing of the most wonderful woman I know, my Grandmother Beverly. She was such an amazing woman that I could just not do her justice trying to describe her. I can only wish that I will be half the woman, mother and grandmother that she was and I would consider myself so very blessed.
My cousin Bryce who is a Staff Sergeant in the Minnesota Army National Guard and has served honorably in Iraq - he also suffered a major injury and yet still serves!

Robbie and all of his second cousins. They were just amazing, they all wanted to hold and play with him and when he got fussy during the visitation service they entertained him and made him laugh!

Two redheads - you would think they were siblings and not second cousins!

Robbie was such a blessing during this time. I know he brought a smile to my heart when it was heavy and I think he might have done so for my mom and her family.

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