June 20, 2009

More Family Photos

Uncle Zac - aka The Godfather, holding his godson! They were so cute together, I think Robbie really adores his Godfather Zac!
My aunt Deb warming up for the Scovill bowling tournament - I can't remember but I think Ann might have won.

Uncle Michael - he graciously and selflessly drove my grandparents all the way to Iowa in March so that I could see them. It was the last time that I spent with my grandmother and I will always cherish it and be gratful. My grandmother really got a kick out of Robbie and his red hair.

A statue at the church that we really liked. If we can find one like this we would like to have a little garden out back - that is only if we can find the time and the ability to plant one!

This is a picture of my grandmother taking her first Communion. I wore the same veil and my mothers dress for my first communion.

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Jon and Stefanie said...

I love the picture of your Grandma, how special! -Stef