April 29, 2009

Updated Blog

OK fellow bloggers. I know that we are all busy, so I really don't have an excuse, but I only seem to get time to update this blog about once or twice a month, so when I do I have to post a ton of pictures at once. I just spent the last hour posting these pictures - I should be sleeping because my darling son wakes up on average five times a night! But I had to get these posted. I love his 6 month pictures - I think they really turned out well. The other pictures are from the past couple of weeks. The pictures of the new patio are great too - Kevin built the flower bed all by himself!!! Take care and I will post again within a month - he he!

6 Month Pictures (cont'd)

6 Month Pictures (cont'd)

6 Month Photos

Our new patio

Beautiful azaleas at Kevin's parents - we just planted some at our house

We still have work to do, but this is such a big improvement. We can't wait to enjoy this patio all summer!

Random Robbie shots

Kline's Over

Here is one more of Robbie eating solids.

Some good pictures of our very good friends - Tommy, Bridget, Carter and Ava Kline. Robbie and Ava "spoke" to each other by babbling back and forth and Carter was cracking Robbie and Ava up! We don't see them often enough - they only live less than a mile away - but we have a

blast when we do see them.

First Solids

We fed Robbie solid food for the first time. We have actually fed him cereal before, but this was summer squash. He really likes food, but it seems to really upset his stomach so we are slowly introducing solids. I have been recommended a good book that I will read and hopefully will provide some assistance.

Daddy having fun with Robbie

Kevin took these photos when he was hanging out with Robbie at the house.

April 18, 2009

Easter Outfit

This is just a random photo - not his easter outfit

I didn't actually buy an Easter outfit. In fact, the thought had not even crossed my mind until Easter morning. I bought a special Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas outfit but somehow Easter just didn't happen. Anyway, we decided to use this cute outfit that Kevin's cousin Brooke sent us. It was a little chilly so we had to put a onzie underneath it. I don't think Kevin was thrilled with the choice. Because of Robbie's beautiful (an long) hair people keep asking us what "her" name is - so Kevin is wanting to play up the boys outfits! Who can blame him!

Robbie and his Papa
Handsome uncle Parker and Robbie - you wouldn't believe what a GREAT uncle Parker is!

Kyle, posing for the camera - I bet he was hoping this one wouldn't make it onto the blog!

Robbie and Papa

Silly boys

More Easter Photos

Robbie and his Nana


Showing off his booties - they rattle and have little elephant and monkey heads on them, he loves them!

Just out of the bath - what a handsome boy!

Kevin did such a good job of hanging these over Robbie's crib. (He did this months ago but I wanted to share)!