April 10, 2009

Good Friday

It is indeed a good Friday. Kevin, Robbie and I are still as busy as ever but we are really enjoying our time together and looking forward to this Easter weekend to give praise and spend time as a family. Last night Kevin was able to come home at a decent time and he grilled beef kabobs with green, yellow, orange and red peppers as well as baby bella mushrooms. I made a cucumber salad and for dessert we had fresh strawberries and blueberries over angel food cake with whipped cream - can you tell that we are SOOO ready for summer and grilling out???? It was in the mid seventies here last night so we took full advantage - it has been raining for weeks.

Robbie had his six month check up on Monday. He is 18 lbs and 27 inches long - quite a jump from the 20 3/4 inches and 7 lb 15 oz he was at birth. He is just such a chunk, I love it! His legs are just one fat roll after another. He has been hitting his milestones and his latest thing is to wave (he is still not an expert at it though) and say lalalala, dadada, mamama. He will roll all over the floor to get to a toy, but is still not sure how to get his knees up under him for crawling. Kevin and I have a bet going that he will/will not crawl by the end of April. I bet that he would not be (only because I want him to be my little baby for longer), so keep your fingers crossed that he does not crawl until May 1st!

We have not taken any pictures since our trip to Iowa (shame on us). We will get some cute ones this weekend. I bought an adorable outfit for Easter weeks ago thinking that it would be nice and warm, but it is only suppose to be 68 so I will have to find something else :( .

The Lewis Family wishes you all a very Happy Easter and fun times with your families!


Katie said...

Okay, for the record, if it was going to be 68 degrees here on Easter (which it's not), I'd put both kids in shorts!!! It will most likely be in the 30's when we head out for church in the morning, but I'm wearing a summer dress with a cardigan anyways and putting Hannah in tights. :) Happy Easter! Be sure to post pictures of Robbie---I'm sure he'll look adorable as usual!! :)

Brooke said...

Wow, he's so early to be getting close to crawling! And the talking just blows me away-- what a smarty-pants. That is impressive!!!