April 18, 2009

Easter Outfit

This is just a random photo - not his easter outfit

I didn't actually buy an Easter outfit. In fact, the thought had not even crossed my mind until Easter morning. I bought a special Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas outfit but somehow Easter just didn't happen. Anyway, we decided to use this cute outfit that Kevin's cousin Brooke sent us. It was a little chilly so we had to put a onzie underneath it. I don't think Kevin was thrilled with the choice. Because of Robbie's beautiful (an long) hair people keep asking us what "her" name is - so Kevin is wanting to play up the boys outfits! Who can blame him!


Brooke said...

Great pictures!!! You are doing such a good job with the new camera...I love it!!

Robbie is so cute and happy! I cant believe how fast he's growing up!

MoCos said...

Um...pretty sure i want to eat him up... so freaking cute!! Hope you had a good easter Robbie!! Next Easter you can eat lots and lots of candy!! Score!!

Amirol said...

cute baby...!! :P

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