March 20, 2010

Mass Overload

OK, I woke up at 5:30 this morning (yeah, on a Saturday!) and couldn't get back to sleep. So I got up and blogged! I am finally caught up, but you know what that means - you will have to keep going back to "older posts" until you get to the last blog that you saw (and there are a ton of them). Hope you enjoy!

This weekend Kevin is taking part 3 national boards. Robbie and I are trying to stay out of the house to enjoy the 75 degree weather and beginnng of spring. Hope all is well with all of you!!!

Belly, Birthday, and Random

This is my bump at 22 weeks
Daddy, Robbie and Mommy on St Patricks Day (and my 30th Birthday!)

Mommy and her sweet little man

I had to take a picture of this. Robbie has never done this before and has not done it since, but this morning he kept pulling his pant legs up. Such a funny boy. Also the bunny in the picture was a gift from Grandma Cheri. We hid it so Robbie couldn't find it, but it appears that we misjudged Robbie's Easter Egg Hunting abilities!

Mommy's Favorite Boys (minus Daddy, of course) Grandpa Frank, Uncle Zac and Robbie

Robbie and Grandpa Frank

Robbie and Daddy

Robbie and Uncle Zac

Robbie and Uncle Zac cont'd

Good one of Zac, not so much of Robbie ;)

Robbie loves playing with the door - Zac was kind enough to play this game for quite a while

Robbie Playing In The Snow (Yes, in South Carolina!)


I found these pictures of Juneau in the camera this morning. They were taken during our last snow. He LOVED playing in the snow and even though he was pretty much an "old man" in dog years, he still ran around and played in the snow.

Random Shots

This picture was suppose to be posted after the one below it. But does anyone else have this much trouble wiping their kids nose?

Robbie loves to look out the doors - isn't he adorable? I see this picture and I want to run upstairs and wake him up to give him a squeeze - well almost want to wake him up!

A beautiful sunrise in South Carolina. I love the sunrises from our backyard.

This is my first belly picture. I think I was around 18 weeks when it was taken. I wasn't even wearing maternity clothes at 18 weeks with Robbie!

Random pictures of Robbie

Robbie's Aunt Kim bought him this adorable hat. He LOVES wearing it!
Robbie really likes to read to himself and to his Mommy and Daddy. I hope he enjoys reading as much as I do.

This glow worm was given to Robbie when he was born by a customer/friend of mine. He told me that it was the only thing to comfort his son (they just had twin boys too!) Robbie loves this glow worm and he is giving him a kiss in this picture.

The next two shots were of a fun night with spaghetti gone very very wrong. He is actually playing in this picture, but he looks angry! He was covered head to toe (literally) with spaghetti sauce. I saw him making this mess in the kitchen but he was having so much fun and being so cute that I couldn't stop him. Did you notice the spaghetti sauce he put in his hair?

Mommy's special little boy

March 15, 2010


On Friday night our wonderful dog Juneau passed away. Kevin and I are surprised at how devastated we are by his loss. He had cancer that the vet was able to cure about a year ago and apparently it had come back. He had a tumor that was pressing against his heart and lungs that was larger than the size of his heart. The tumor had spread and started to bleed.

We know that Juneau was just a dog and we are so very blessed that we all still have our health, for there are many that stuggle, but we cannot help feeling his loss. Go home today and give your little furry creatures an extra hug and treat because this was something that we wish we had done for Juneau!

On another note, I know that I promised to update my blog this weekend with pictures, but instead I spent my weekend cleaning, doing laundry and other chores so I guess I will have to wait!

March 10, 2010

Robbie is afraid of the bathtub!!!

Ever since Robbie was born he has loved his bath time. It is a struggle to even get him out of the tub. He will stay in there until the water is cool and he has goose bumps and still gets upset when you take him out.

Well, the other night I was sitting in the bathroom with Robbie while he was playing in the tub. I was enjoying a little "me" time because Robbie was distracted and I was reading from my Parent's magazine. Robbie started to make a little funny noise that I did not recognize. I looked up and asked him what was wrong. I asked him if he wanted to get out, but he did not indicated that he was ready. He stopped his noise so I went back to my reading. A second or two later he was making this noise again but more insistently. I was starting to move towards the tub when he reached into the water and put his hand out to show me what was bothering him. In his hand was little Robbie poo poo! AHHHH! I looked closer and floating in the tub was more of Robbie's little present. He started to get scared and cry (Kevin said it was because of the way I started calling out for Kevin's help, but I don't believe that - he he). Thankfully Daddy offered to clean up the mess while I took Robbie to the tub in our room and cleaned him up.

But now he starts to cry every time we have him take a bath. He is really weary of the tub now. It is kind of cute and funny, but I also feel really bad about it.

For a year and a half I have been waiting for this event to occur. I chuckled heartily as my friends with older children told me about this and now it is my turn to experience it! I guess it is a rite of passage in parenthood???

March 5, 2010

A little bit longer

Well folks, I hate to say it but you are going to have to wait a little bit longer to see the photos from my Dad and Zac's visit. I am just too busy to sit down and go through the photos and post them! I have been in LA all week for work with a bunch of my bosses (well more like my boss, and his boss and his boss). I am in the office just today (Friday) and then I work all weekend at my base. If you are thinking I can squeeze it in tonight you are sadly mistaken. By the time I get home (6pm), cook and feed Robbie and myself and clean up our mess (7pm), then bath and put him to bed (8pm) I have to pack for my weekend, get my uniform ready, shower and hit the sack because 3:30 comes around quickly, especially when Robbie will be waking up at least 4 - 6 times between 8pm and 4am!

Robbie is going to spend most of the weekend with his Nana and Papa while Kevin is studying for boards. Robbie always has so much fun there and I think Nana and Papa do too - although I am sure he wears them out as much as he does his parents!

Kevin has two weeks until part three national boards so that is pretty much our family's focus lately. The weekend after he takes boards we are planning a get away to celebrate my 30th and the end of his part 3 boards. At first we were thinking we would go out of town, but now we are thinking that will take too much effort and we may just stay in town . . . who knows! If you have any good ideas for a nice weekend please let us know - we are thinking we will ask Kevin's parents to watch Robbie so Kevin and I can get a little "off" time before our next little one gets here and we never see each other again!

Wishing you all blessings and hope to post those pictures soon!