March 20, 2010

Belly, Birthday, and Random

This is my bump at 22 weeks
Daddy, Robbie and Mommy on St Patricks Day (and my 30th Birthday!)

Mommy and her sweet little man

I had to take a picture of this. Robbie has never done this before and has not done it since, but this morning he kept pulling his pant legs up. Such a funny boy. Also the bunny in the picture was a gift from Grandma Cheri. We hid it so Robbie couldn't find it, but it appears that we misjudged Robbie's Easter Egg Hunting abilities!

Mommy's Favorite Boys (minus Daddy, of course) Grandpa Frank, Uncle Zac and Robbie


Katie said...

I love all of the pictures!! Thanks for posting! Isn't it crazy how you show so much earlier with the second pregnancy? I'm afraid of what the third will be like. I'll be wearing maternity clothes at 10 weeks, I'll bet!! Eeek! However, I did gain less weight with my 2nd (5 pounds less only but it counted in my mind!) so that's something to look forward to! :)

Jon and Stefanie said...

Love the belly pics!

MoCos said...

Love the Belly!! Looks Like a good visit from Frank and Zac!

Brooke said...

Its about time I saw that belly!! You look SO darn cute!!! You are all belly : )

And, Happy belated 30th Bday!! Welcome to the 30's : )