March 15, 2010


On Friday night our wonderful dog Juneau passed away. Kevin and I are surprised at how devastated we are by his loss. He had cancer that the vet was able to cure about a year ago and apparently it had come back. He had a tumor that was pressing against his heart and lungs that was larger than the size of his heart. The tumor had spread and started to bleed.

We know that Juneau was just a dog and we are so very blessed that we all still have our health, for there are many that stuggle, but we cannot help feeling his loss. Go home today and give your little furry creatures an extra hug and treat because this was something that we wish we had done for Juneau!

On another note, I know that I promised to update my blog this weekend with pictures, but instead I spent my weekend cleaning, doing laundry and other chores so I guess I will have to wait!


Katie said...

Erin and Kevin, we are sorry for your loss. No matter how many times we say "it's just a dog", we can't deny that they take over our hearts!! (They're like little kids, in my opinion!!) Our thoughts are with you!!

Jon and Stefanie said...

Erin, I'm so sorry! I love my dog so much and sometimes think about that inevitable day that will have to come. Like Katie said, they capture your hearts in such a special way. We'll be thinking about you guys and even say a special prayer to help you adjust to life without him.

Brooke said...

I am so sad to hear this- I know how much Juneau was loved by everyone :(