October 28, 2008

First Family Outing

Kevin, Robbie and I had our first family outing last Saturday. We headed downtown for a fun Halloween outdoor market. Kevin hated that I insisted Robbie wear his adorable Halloween outfit all day - but we got a lot of "oohs and ahhs" so I think it was well worth it. Here are so pictures from Robbie's first big day out!

October 22, 2008

Teddy, please help us sleep through the night!

Kevin and I bought this Teddy which makes "womb" noises to help our little man sleep through the night. Just in case it doesn't work, we did not take it out of the box. Well as you can see Robbie must love it because we put him far away from the box in his pack and play and he somehow managed to wiggle right up next to it!

The other picture is of the Iowa Hawkeye outfit that my dad and Cheri sent us. We will send pictures of him in it this weekend - thanks Grandpa Frank and Grandma Cheri!

October 21, 2008

I Love My Mummy

A good friend gave us this onzie for Robbie and I had to take a picture of my little monkey man wearing my new favorite onzie! Isn't he precious! Today we had our first play date with Robbie's future girlfriend - Ava Kline. She is the adorable 6 month old daughter of Kevin's and my good friends Tommy and Bridget. I don't have any good pictures though because Robbie slept through the entire play date!

October 20, 2008

2 Week Check-up

We had our two week check up today. Robbie weighs 7 lbs 15 oz (25%) and is 22 inches long (90%). He is very healthy and doing very well. We are getting better at breast feeding and we are still working on his uncanny ability to sleep all day and fuss all night! Nana Lewis came to the house today to help me out - I have NO IDEA what I would do without her!

Kevin and I plan on taking our first family outing this weekend - I will be sure to share pictures!!!

October 18, 2008

Grandma Therese's Visit 2

Mommy and Daddy with their baby boy. Daddy taking his first (of many) load of baby diapers out to the trash. He had so much fun doing this I just had to snap a picture of it. I PROMISE not to be one of those mom's who takes pictures of dirty diapers, this is as close as I will get!
Daddy and Robbie.
Grandma Therese getting a kiss from her newest grandchild. This makes number five for her - she is an old pro!

I just love his fuzzy head of hair - we still can't believe how much there is. No matter what we do, it will not lay down - I was told by my mom that my hair was like that as a baby too.

Grandma Therese's Visit

I love his bright eyes.
This hat dwarfed his little head. He is always so alert and bright eyed, we really enjoy it!
I just love his little green outfit!
This is a classic Robbie face - it is so funny that he has such adult faces sometimes!
Papa Lewis holding his little guy. I think they are going to be great buddies!

My mom's visit was a God send for Kevin and I. We severly underestimated the difficulty in bringing home a new baby. For the first few days Kevin's mom "Nana" came down to help us and this saved our sanity. The third day my mom "Grandma Therese" came down for ten days. I feel terrible that her vacation was spent helping me nurse, change diapers, do laundry, run our errands and cook for us, but her assistance allowed Kevin and I to get some much needed sleep as well as learn to adjust to our new routine. We owe our mothers much love and appreciation.

Also, parenthood has allowed Kevin and I to once again realize just how much our parents love us and just how much they have done for us - we couldn't love and appreciate them more!

First Photo Shoot 2

This photo was just too funny not to share. Robbie's and Kevin's faces are priceless. Kevin was so scared of dropping Robbie and Robbie's face is just saying, "hey, this is not funny, put me down!" I attempted to copy a picture of Carter - Kevin's cousin Brooke's son. His picture turned out great, but ours not so much!
Candy snapped this while Kevin was trying to quite our fussy baby! It was not a posed photo and I just love it.
This is one of my favorites. Robbie looks so tiny in Kevin's hand and I love how you can see Kevin's wedding ring. Robbie's face is just too sweet.
He finally tuckered out and fell asleep. He is so sweet when he is sleeping.
I love this look.

First Photo Shoot

A talented girlfriend from work generously offered to come take some photos of our family. I wanted to share some of our favorites. Unfortunately Robbie was in rare form and was very fussy while she was here. We attempted some nude photos - hey dirty minded readers, I am talking about Robbie being nude not Kevin and I!!! Anyhoo, that was a rookie mistake by new parents . . . Robbie tinkled on the floor twice and poo pooed on it once. (P.S. do you like the "Mommy talk"????)

October 12, 2008

Coming Home

Our littel guy in his car seat. Notice the socks on his hands. The mitts just wouldn't stay on and he was scratching his little face. We love how redneck we can be!
Daddy and his son. Isn't Robbie so cute how he is cuddling up on Kevin?

My two boys. I guess Robbie just wore Daddy out!

Hospital Pictures 3

I know it seems that he is a little confused at who he is pulling for - Auburn hat and Hawks sign, but he is really pulling for both teams. Just to please his parents! Daddy took this picture for Grandpa Frank, Uncle Zac and Uncle Travis - and the rest of the Cosgrove's. We watched the game, well Daddy did, but Mommy and Robbie napped during part of it.
Our good friend Rachael, with her beautiful son Jackson, stopped in to see us. Her husband, Scott, who is currently deployed overseas, grew up with Kevin. It was so neat to see Kevin and Scott's sons together - I just hope they have as much fun playing together as Kevin and Scott did!
Kevin's cousin Brooke with her husband Jeff and son Carter. We had a great visit with the Dieterich's and wished we could have spent more time with them during their visit. Carter is absolutely adorable. We hope Carter and Robbie will be great friends through the years!
Sweet baby boy and please refrain from staring at Mommy's double chin!

Robbie's homecoming. Our good friends, Tommy and Bridget Kline, left the balloons on the mailbox for us Kevin's parents left the balloon on the front door. We were so thrilled to see them when we pulled up. Our good neighbors also stopped by to say hello and bring us a really amazing dinner and dessert.

Hospital Pictures 2

Kevin's mom, Bobbye, holding her first grandchild. She looks like such a natural because she had three boys of her own - any advice mom???
Proud Uncle Kyle. He was such a natural at holding him. The laugh on his face is because Robbie had his first bowel movement (gross, I know!) while Kyle was holding him. We tried to tell Kyle that the rule is whoever is holding him at the time has to change the diaper, but that didn't work! We will remember that when he and Megan have their kids!
Robbie is an Auburn fan from his first days! We watched Auburn play on Saturday, but I guess their newest fan just couldn't bring them the luck they needed to pull off a win. Dad was a little upset about the game, but not as much as usual because he was so excited about his new football buddy!
I love this picture! I think these two will be the best of friends!

I think I have the two most handsome men!

Hospital Pictures

I accidentally posted the same pictures!

Robert's Arrival

We were having so much fun (after the epidural, of course!). We were so excited for his delivery and just couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces.
I know, I know, this is how it all got started . . . I just can't help myself, he is so good looking!
Our beautiful baby boy. Words just can't describe how happy we are.
I love this picture - not only because I took the time to do my hair and makeup (yes, I did) - but really because I can remember just how precious he was. He just wouldn't stop looking right at me. I was so overjoyed to finally hold and kiss him.

He finally tuckered out and took a nap. He slept so peacefully and we kept checking to see if he was "still breathing".