October 18, 2008

Grandma Therese's Visit 2

Mommy and Daddy with their baby boy. Daddy taking his first (of many) load of baby diapers out to the trash. He had so much fun doing this I just had to snap a picture of it. I PROMISE not to be one of those mom's who takes pictures of dirty diapers, this is as close as I will get!
Daddy and Robbie.
Grandma Therese getting a kiss from her newest grandchild. This makes number five for her - she is an old pro!

I just love his fuzzy head of hair - we still can't believe how much there is. No matter what we do, it will not lay down - I was told by my mom that my hair was like that as a baby too.

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Mary said...

What a beautiful family. God is smiling on you. I am so happy for each of you. My heart sings with joy when I get to know you through your pictures. Thank you. Aunt Mary