October 18, 2008

First Photo Shoot 2

This photo was just too funny not to share. Robbie's and Kevin's faces are priceless. Kevin was so scared of dropping Robbie and Robbie's face is just saying, "hey, this is not funny, put me down!" I attempted to copy a picture of Carter - Kevin's cousin Brooke's son. His picture turned out great, but ours not so much!
Candy snapped this while Kevin was trying to quite our fussy baby! It was not a posed photo and I just love it.
This is one of my favorites. Robbie looks so tiny in Kevin's hand and I love how you can see Kevin's wedding ring. Robbie's face is just too sweet.
He finally tuckered out and fell asleep. He is so sweet when he is sleeping.
I love this look.


MoCos said...

Where did this red hair come from??? What a cutie..Hope things are going Well!!

Brooke said...

Haha!! I love the look on their faces! Believe me, our was NOT easy! Carter was thrashing around pooping all over the place!Jeff was not thrilled with what we were making them go through to get a good pic!!

PS- I think I remember Kevin having a reddish tint to his hair when he was little

Meghann Whitmer said...

I was just thinking the same thing. Red hair? Looks like you are guys are managing parenthood.

Kathy and Louie said...

I think you got some great shots!