October 1, 2008

D-Day plus seven

Kevin and I had a doctors appointment yesterday. The last appointment we had (Sep 25th) the doctor told us to go home over the weekend and hopefully something will happen. Well, it did not, so we headed back into the office yesterday thinking we were going to schedule our induction this week. The doctor that we saw was a little more natural in his approach and after ensuring the baby was still doing well, he said we should go home and wait a few more days. Kevin and I are happy with this decision. We tend to be a little more natural as well and we are really hoping that my labor will start on its own without medical intervention, but on the other hand we are so anxious to meet our son that it is very tempting to ask to be induced. Our next appointment is Thursday Oct 2nd. I am not sure if we will be scheduled for an induction on Friday Oct 3rd or asked to wait the weekend. This doctor did say that the "line in the sand" is Wednesday Oct 8th. That would put me at 14 days over due and he said that after that it is dangerous to the baby to wait any longer. It looks like Kevin and I have a stubborn little man on our hands - I hate to admit that he gets that from his mama. Kevin tries to be nice and say that it is not stubborness but procrastination - which he obviuosly gets from his daddy!

I will keep you all informed and I know that at least by next week (wait, haven't I said this before???) I will be able to post pictures of my little guy for everyone to "oh" and "ah" at!


MoCos said...

Where is that baby??

Kathy and Louie said...

We hope today's dr appt goes good and you hear some good news. Hopefully after all this waiting you'll have a short labor! :)
Louie wanted to know how Kevin did on his exams?