September 29, 2008

D-Day plus five

Well, we are five days past our due date and so anxious for him to make his arrival. We meet with our doctor tomorrow and will schedule a day to be induced - it will be either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd. At least that is what the last doctor told us, but who knows what tomorrow's doctor will say - they never seem to have the same opinion! As soon as we have a confirmed date, I will be sure to let everyone know. My guess is the little stinker will send me into labor the night before I am scheduled to be induced. I told Kevin that if this stubborness is any indication of what his personality is going to be like, we are in TROUBLE!

A few of you have indicated that you will be in town this weekend to visit family members. Please do not let this keep you from visiting Kevin and I as well!!! If we are still in the hospital, we would love to see you and your new babies (Carter and Jackson) and if we are home we would love to have you stop in to say hello. We just appreciate you working around this crazy schedule!

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