October 23, 2009

He Did It!!!

It's official! Kevin passed his part two and physiotherapy national boards. Not only did he pass, he did really really well on them . . . again! His first boards were days before my due date. He was really stressed and managed to get really high scores. This past exam he struggled to balance his needs at school, in the clinic and at home and he still managed to do very well! I am so impressed with Kevin and his ability to manage all of the stressful responsibilities in his life. We are truly blessed!

He still has to take part three in March and part four in May. He is already preparing himself for these tests and will hopefully hit the books hard after the holidays. We pray he does well on these tests as well, since a delay in these tests will cause a delay in graduation.

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers - they worked!

October 10, 2009

Finally caught up

OK, so I am finally caught up, but you know what that means - you will have to check out "older posts" at the bottom of the first page because I could not fit them all on the first page! Hope you enjoy his birthday pics, we had such an amazing day and Robbie really seemed to enjoy it. We are so blessed to have so many people thinking of him and/or joining us on his birthday!

1st Birthday Gifts

1st Birthday Gifts

Sharing his cake and cleaning him up

1st Birthday Cake

1st Birthday Pictures

1st Birthday Pictures

1st Birthday Pictures

Our New Landscapping

Kevin BUSTED HIS BUM to create a nice backyard for us. He has done all of this work himself!

Random Pictures

Of course you have to have a picture of the first time a child fed himself spaghetti! What a mess! There were little spaghetti hand prints on the wall and table cloth!
Playing in his tunnel

Little naked man running away from mommy during bath time

I chopped my hair!

The morning of his 1 yr pics at school - What a big boy!

Thanks Klines!

The Klines graciously gave us some of their toys for Robbie to play with, these are some pics of his fun with the new toys!
Can you tell he loves balls???

Potty Training

We know it is a little early, but we decided that it couldn't hurt to introduce the potty concept now. He actually has pee peed in the potty twice since we got it - only because we consistently put him on it right before his bath and twice we got lucky and he pee peed on it before he did it in the tub :)

Just like his Daddy - reading on the pot! he he