October 10, 2009

Fun at Home

This is Robbie's tunnel, it cost us $15 and he plays in it ALL THE TIME! Best $ we have spent! He loves to put his toys in his mouth while he plays. He also loves us to chase him through the tunnel - and yes, we can both fit!
This blanket was a baby shower gift and he loves how it feels - it is soft and has silky ribbons. He has been putting everything over his head lately - it is too cute!

Daddy and Robbie playing on a relaxing Saturday - can you tell Kevin is ready for the Auburn game???

Robbie is being silly and playing with Mommy's purse - he knew to put it over his head and was walking around with it over his shoulder. When Kevin saw it he was not very happy that I was encouraging this adorable behaviour!

More purse pictures - can you tell I just got done with my drill weekend? Robbie is going to hate these pictures one day!

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