October 1, 2009

Sleep Training

After almost twelve months of Robbie waking up every 45 - 90 minutes ALL NIGHT LONG (no joke), we finally found time to do sleep training. The first step was weaning him, which went surprisingly well and quick! The second step was getting him to sleep in his room/crib and the third step was keeping him asleep. We have been doing it for two weeks now and it has been going well - consider steps one and two accomplished and we are still working on step three. For the most part, we are much more successful than we hoped to be two weeks into it. Last week he got sick and had two nights of 102 degree fever, so he did not sleep well those nights and last night he had a tooth pop through the gums so he was up from 3:30 am, but all in all we are pretty happy with our success. Our nights are ours again - we feel like completely different people. We have watched movies, talked, SLEPT, drank wine, etc. Two nights ago we just sat quietly on the back patio and enjoyed the silence while also enjoying a nice glass of wine! We are hoping the success continues so we can have an overnight downtown! Thanks everyone for your advice, thoughts and prayers! We thought this might never happen!

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Brooke said...

YAY----Awesome news!!!!! SO glad you are getting more rest....you deserve it!! I dont know how you guys have been functioning-you are heros! There will be little set-backs (teeth, illness, active dreaming) but stay the course and everyone will be happier/healthier in the long run!! I plan on saving my sanity and starting sleep training WAY earlier with the next baby than we did with Carter! ha!