December 30, 2008

First Cold

Well, it was inevitable. Robbie caught his first cold at daycare. Kevin and I also got sick so we have been a little miserable the last couple of days. I had to learn another lesson the hard way . . . I assumed that when kids are sick they will probably just want to sleep a lot, kind of like adults. But oh no . . . sad misleading assumption . . . Robbie has been waking up around two in the morning for the last three or four mornings and will not go back to sleep. He only takes a few short naps during the day too, so I have no idea how he is doing it. He has been really fussy and whining - actually that is an understatement - and wanting to nurse non-stop. Needless to say, I can see why parents are so scared of the daycare germs!

We are planning on going to our good friends, the Kline's, for New Years Eve, so I am praying that we don't give this cold to them - they have two small children and really don't need any more colds! Since it has been so unusually warm here (in the high sixties and low seventies) we are planning on grilling steaks for our New Years dinner. I hate to brag about this to my snow bound yankee friends and family, but I just had to spread the good news!

Also, for those of you that keep up with Facebook, I wanted to post on here that I no longer have access to that account. Kevin and I finally took the plunge to cancel our internet and extended cable package and my work does not allow access to that site, so unfortunately I will only have access to this site now. And as soon as our computer gets fixed at home (we shipped it off weeks ago but it has not been returned yet) I will be able to post more pictures.

I am wishing you all a very happy and joyous New Years and look forward to keeping in touch in 2009!

December 22, 2008

Robbie's First Santa Visit

Kevin and I have attempted to see the Santa at the mall on three separate occassions now. On all three occassios we have waited in line (once for 5 minutes and twice for about 15 - 20 minutes) just to be told that they are cutting off the line in front of us and to please come back. Yesterday it was the last straw. I happened to remember that the wonderful owners of the Pelham Road Schlotzsky's Deli had Santa come in for a few hours. They took pictures, printed and emailed them for free. They also provide gingerbread and sugar cookies as well as drinks. Kevin and I were so blessed to meet this wonderful couple - and their in-laws and are very thankful for the wonderful experience. Santa told us that his good friend the Easter Bunny will also be visiting. We will not be using the mall ever again!
Robbie did very well with Santa, as expected at this age. He gave Kevin and I his famous, "what the heck is going on" face, but he just went with the flow. I imagine that next year will be a little different, but I plan on taking this photo out next year and showing it to Robbie. I want to let him see that he already knows Santa and has already sat on his lap - we will see if it works. If not, we will have a fabulously funny picture of Robbie screaming on Santa's lap!