December 31, 2010

Random Pictures of the Boys

Robbie's "cheese" smile for the camera
Another one of Robbie's smiles - he melts my heart!

My boys holding hands! A woman at church made these matching hats for the boys, I think the boys look so adorable!

December 30, 2010

The Citadel Parents Weekend

The Art of Bracing
Kevin branding Parker with the Ring!

Happy Boy - I just want to squeeze him!
Danny enjoyed the festivities too! (2.5 months old)

Robbie's Second Birthday (cont'd)

Robbie's Second Birthday

!Papa Lewis was SO THOUGHTFUL to bring balloons and a helium tank - Robbie had so much fun releasing the balloons and so did all of the other kids - even kids not with the birthday party!

Tommy tickling Carter
Beautiful Ava Jane
Robbie Dobbie Do

October 23, 2010

Papa's 60th Birthday

Granny & Papa's

Robbie sneaking into Granny's chair
Robbie was trying to scare Granny with his snake - I love this photo! Kevin's Granny is the life of the party and is so talented - she is the most wonderful cook, and if you know me you know that the way to my heart is through my stomach!
The Lewis men (and boy)
Parker and Papa deep in conversation

Grandma Cheri and Frank's visit

Grandma Cheri, Frank and Daniel
I messed up this picture, but this is Frank (Erin's dad) and Robbie showing off their "tattoos" - Frank's is real, Robbie's is not!
The boys will love this picture in a few years - new baby (Danny) comes and big boy Robbie wants to use all the baby toys! We got such a kick out of watching Robbie squeeze into this bouncy seat and curl up with his pacy and blanket
Grandma Cheri (Erin's stepmom) and Daniel
Grandma Cheri, Daniel and Robert

Daniel Patrick's baptism (2)

My mom, sister, Daniel and me
The Lewis clan - minus Kyle and Meghan because they were at the beach (I did not check with them when I scheduled the baptism, I was trying to schedule the baptism before Parker left for school)
Proud Godfather!
The Lewis and Cleveland's
The deacon and Daniel - Danny slept through the whole ceremony!

Daniel Patrick's Baptism

I just love this church, it is so beautiful!
Both of my son's baptisms were very special for me. I feel that my most important responsibility in life is ensuring my children's faith by laying a strong foundation during their childhood. I have been through two boot camps without crying, but when it comes to things like this I get emotional!
My sister, Katelyn, and Kevin's brother, Parker, are Daniel's Godparents - you can see them directly behind us. We are so blessed to have these two fine people to help us raise Daniel as a Christian!
My sister, Katelyn, me and my mom - I can only hope I look as young and beautiful as my mom when I am her age . . . and don't get me started on my sister, she is gorgeous and so very smart!!!