October 23, 2010

Grandma Cheri and Frank's visit

Grandma Cheri, Frank and Daniel
I messed up this picture, but this is Frank (Erin's dad) and Robbie showing off their "tattoos" - Frank's is real, Robbie's is not!
The boys will love this picture in a few years - new baby (Danny) comes and big boy Robbie wants to use all the baby toys! We got such a kick out of watching Robbie squeeze into this bouncy seat and curl up with his pacy and blanket
Grandma Cheri (Erin's stepmom) and Daniel
Grandma Cheri, Daniel and Robert


Meghann Whitmer said...

Love the tats!!

Daniel looks like he is getting so big already....chunky legs..wish I could hold him:)

And Yes...Lillian did the same thing as Robbie...always in the baby seat...baby bed...whatever baby did she had to do.

MoCos said...

I love Danny's chubbiness. I want to eat him, in a loving way. Hope you guys are getting all ready for the Holidays!