October 23, 2010

Daniel Patrick's Baptism

I just love this church, it is so beautiful!
Both of my son's baptisms were very special for me. I feel that my most important responsibility in life is ensuring my children's faith by laying a strong foundation during their childhood. I have been through two boot camps without crying, but when it comes to things like this I get emotional!
My sister, Katelyn, and Kevin's brother, Parker, are Daniel's Godparents - you can see them directly behind us. We are so blessed to have these two fine people to help us raise Daniel as a Christian!
My sister, Katelyn, me and my mom - I can only hope I look as young and beautiful as my mom when I am her age . . . and don't get me started on my sister, she is gorgeous and so very smart!!!

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Graça said...

Que crianças lindas, gente bonita, igreja bonita. Deus abençõe sua familia. Abraços do Brasil para todos.