September 16, 2008

More Preggers/Baby Room Pictures

On Sunday evening a good girlfriend and her new hubby came over for dinner. I asked her to take a couple of pictures of Kevin and I together. She is still working on sending me all of the pictures, but she did send this one. Kevin was "super thrilled" to pose for these pictures, especially since I did not tell him about it until the last minute, literally! But I had no pictures of Kevin and I together with my big belly, just of me. Plus I really wanted to get a picture of Kevin "talking" to my belly (this picture is not ready yet but I will post as soon as I get it). From the very beginning of my pregnancy, Kevin has "talked" to my belly. It is really quite amazing. As soon as little "peanut" hears Kevin's voice he will start moving over in that direction and he will "kick" at the exact place that Kevin is speaking to. It has provided some very memorable moments for us during this pregnancy and I really wanted to capture it on photo. Of course Kevin felt pretty silly doing this in front of our friends, but I think in the end he will appreciate it!

On another note, I went to the doctor yesterday for my check up and he told me that I was 70% effaced and barely 1 cm dialated. I was so devastated because I felt like he condemned me to another nine months of pregnancy, but at least I know where I am and I know that it will not be long before I get to meet my new little man. I will keep you all posted!


Katie said...

If it helps, I always feel like the effacement is more important than the dilation. I'd say any time now!! Cute family pictures!! :)

Kathy and Louie said...

I like the pic of the two of you! The baby's room looks great.
Hope you are feeling good. I can't wait to hear he is here! I know all too well how it feels toward the end and wanting it to be the day. I had contractions every day for 11 weeks with Alex, and I lost track of the amount of weeks with Isabel. I can't tell you what helps to get them out, but eventually he will be here. Enjoy the time you have with him in your belly. Sounds corny, but you will miss having him in there. And then one day you'll wish you could put him back! LOL!

Meghann Whitmer said...

That is a great picture of the both of you. You do not even look like you are retaining any water!