October 12, 2008

Hospital Pictures 3

I know it seems that he is a little confused at who he is pulling for - Auburn hat and Hawks sign, but he is really pulling for both teams. Just to please his parents! Daddy took this picture for Grandpa Frank, Uncle Zac and Uncle Travis - and the rest of the Cosgrove's. We watched the game, well Daddy did, but Mommy and Robbie napped during part of it.
Our good friend Rachael, with her beautiful son Jackson, stopped in to see us. Her husband, Scott, who is currently deployed overseas, grew up with Kevin. It was so neat to see Kevin and Scott's sons together - I just hope they have as much fun playing together as Kevin and Scott did!
Kevin's cousin Brooke with her husband Jeff and son Carter. We had a great visit with the Dieterich's and wished we could have spent more time with them during their visit. Carter is absolutely adorable. We hope Carter and Robbie will be great friends through the years!
Sweet baby boy and please refrain from staring at Mommy's double chin!

Robbie's homecoming. Our good friends, Tommy and Bridget Kline, left the balloons on the mailbox for us Kevin's parents left the balloon on the front door. We were so thrilled to see them when we pulled up. Our good neighbors also stopped by to say hello and bring us a really amazing dinner and dessert.

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Rachael Hamilton said...

Hey Erin! Loved all the pics...your boy is PRECIOUS!!!!
Glad you put a picture up of your house as well...I love all the visuals I can get. I too am looking foward to seeing you, Robert, and Kevin for a longer visit in November. Have fun with your new angel!