October 12, 2008

Labor and Delivery

Sorry it has taken so long, Kevin and I seriously underestimated what the first week at home with a new infant would be like. We worked together as a team and I swear our love and appreciation for one another has grown ten fold in the last week.

I need to thank you all of your prayers for a natural start to labor . . . I actually went into labor during the night on Thursday night! I woke up early on Friday morning (we were scheduled to be at the hospital at 6 am) with some cramps. I figured it was nothing but decided to get up and make sure all the bags were packed and things were in order. Kevin woke up about an hour or two later and we started to get ready to go to the hospital. My "cramps" kept getting a little more painful and a little closer together, but I thought there was just no way I could be in labor the day I was scheduled for an induction. Kevin kept insisting we rush to the hospital, but oh no I had to finish blow drying my hair and putting on a pretty face! On the way to the hospital Kevin wanted to stop and get a cup of Starbucks, but once he pulled into the parking lot and I started speaking to him in a very irritated voice (I am sure he would describe it differently) he decided to forget the coffee and get me to the hospital. The 25 minute drive was a blur for me . . . I was surprised at how close my contractions were getting - it just seemed too quick. Once we arrived at the hospital I was whisked up to the labor floor in a wheelchair and then we had to wait for ten excruciating (probably more for Kevin because he must have been embarrassed by his moaning wife) minutes.

We were then escorted to the finance office where I had to present my insurance card - yes, I couldn't believe it either! I was so irritated with this woman and I am afraid I was a little, ok a lot, rude to her. After we turned out to be paying customers we were finally taken to a labor and delivery room. As it turns out I was 4 cm dilated and fully effaced. Most of the rest of this is a blur to me. I honestly could only focus on the contractions and in between take deep breaths and pray that the baby comes out before the next one starts. Nurses came in, started my IV and took blood for the epidural test. They had a hard time finding a vein that would give them blood and had to bring in a special nurse to stick me again. By the time I received my epidural I was 7 cm dilated. I was in a lot of pain, but it honestly was not as bad as I was imagining it to be. And I must say, the sweet relief of the epidural is worth every penny and every discomfort of the huge needle. Almost immediately I was relaxed and enjoying the process. I was finally nice to my husband - the monster was gone and his wife had been returned to him. All of this happened in less than two hours. I was fully dilated about an hour and a half after the epidural, but unfortunately the doctor was not ready and asked that I slow down labor by not pushing for about an hour and a half. Kevin and I settled into a tv show and I ate ice chips until he was ready. I told him there was a 20 in it for him if I could be done in time to eat lunch. In all, I was in labor for less than six hours - including the hour and a half wait. The doctor told me that if i do not head to the hospital the next time around when I first feel contractions I would definitely have the baby in the car or elevator.

I am posting some pictures that my sweet husband took of me while experiencing 7 cm worth of labor pains - and I am also posting a picture right after the epidural.


Brooke said...

That is great....love the sequence of pictures. You win the award for prettiest woman in labor. And Kevin wins the award for having enough guts to sit there and take pics of you in pain!!!

Gina said...

Congratulations Kevin and Erin. Little Robert is BEAUTIFUL!!!! And so are you, Erin!!! I loved these pictures, and your blog made me cry! You are going to be such a special family. All my love, Aunt Gina