March 10, 2010

Robbie is afraid of the bathtub!!!

Ever since Robbie was born he has loved his bath time. It is a struggle to even get him out of the tub. He will stay in there until the water is cool and he has goose bumps and still gets upset when you take him out.

Well, the other night I was sitting in the bathroom with Robbie while he was playing in the tub. I was enjoying a little "me" time because Robbie was distracted and I was reading from my Parent's magazine. Robbie started to make a little funny noise that I did not recognize. I looked up and asked him what was wrong. I asked him if he wanted to get out, but he did not indicated that he was ready. He stopped his noise so I went back to my reading. A second or two later he was making this noise again but more insistently. I was starting to move towards the tub when he reached into the water and put his hand out to show me what was bothering him. In his hand was little Robbie poo poo! AHHHH! I looked closer and floating in the tub was more of Robbie's little present. He started to get scared and cry (Kevin said it was because of the way I started calling out for Kevin's help, but I don't believe that - he he). Thankfully Daddy offered to clean up the mess while I took Robbie to the tub in our room and cleaned him up.

But now he starts to cry every time we have him take a bath. He is really weary of the tub now. It is kind of cute and funny, but I also feel really bad about it.

For a year and a half I have been waiting for this event to occur. I chuckled heartily as my friends with older children told me about this and now it is my turn to experience it! I guess it is a rite of passage in parenthood???

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