March 20, 2010

Random pictures of Robbie

Robbie's Aunt Kim bought him this adorable hat. He LOVES wearing it!
Robbie really likes to read to himself and to his Mommy and Daddy. I hope he enjoys reading as much as I do.

This glow worm was given to Robbie when he was born by a customer/friend of mine. He told me that it was the only thing to comfort his son (they just had twin boys too!) Robbie loves this glow worm and he is giving him a kiss in this picture.

The next two shots were of a fun night with spaghetti gone very very wrong. He is actually playing in this picture, but he looks angry! He was covered head to toe (literally) with spaghetti sauce. I saw him making this mess in the kitchen but he was having so much fun and being so cute that I couldn't stop him. Did you notice the spaghetti sauce he put in his hair?

Mommy's special little boy

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Jon and Stefanie said...

Jon and I both had glowworms when we were little. We made sure we registered for one for baby Scovill :) You gotta love the soft glow and music. It is so comforting.