June 20, 2009

Grandpa Frank & Grandma Cheri Visit

Cheri was so generous and helped me redecorate my living room. I had told her that I was thinking about redecorating and painting but Kevin begged me not to - she found ways to add decorations and get the look I wanted. I added just some pictures to show what she did.

For three years I have had a blank mantle - it is huge and white. I had asked Kevin how much work it would be to rip it down and he just hung his head. Cheri found some decorations to make it look great!

Grandpa Frank, Grandma Cheri and their third grandson Robbie!

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Katie said...

I'm glad that you didn't rip out your mantel---they can be so much fun to decorate! We have a big one in our living room and I can fit my whole Willow Tree Nativity on it during the Christmas months. I love it even just for that fact!! :) I love the decorations you put up---Cheri has great taste! :)