June 20, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

This is the family at Mary's Restaurant on Mother's Day. Kevin took me to my favorite Sunday brunch spot for Mother's Day. We sat on the balcony outside overlooking the gardens, park and bridge. It was a very special day for me!
Me and my boy on Mother's Day - don't look at my hair it looks horrible!!! That is what happens when you are rushed getting ready for church in the morning!

This is Robbie in the park downtown the Saturday before Mother's Day. He loved the feel of the grass.

This is Robbie about two seconds from pitching a fit. He just would not cooperate with us so we didn't get the cute park shots that we wanted.

What a cute boy!

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Jon and Stefanie said...

You can sure tell Robbie loves his mommy and daddy! Thanks for all the pictures. :) It is beautiful there!