June 20, 2009

Scovill Family

Grandma Therese (or Grandma Cheese as her other grandkids have called her - because cheese sounds like Therese to them, not because she eats a lot of cheese :), Great Grandpa Scovill and Robbie

Great-grandpa Scovill and Robbie
C'mon Robbie, look at the camera!

Aunt Katelyn and Robbie - she got him to walk for the first time! It really kind of ticks me off because I have been working on it and he refuses, but as soon as she tries he was all about it. He didn't really walk on his own, but she held his hands and he took steps. He has not repeated this feat since she did it!

My cousin Ann, who is an inner city high school teacher in Phoenix, and my Grandpa Scovill

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