May 7, 2010

Congratulations Kevin!!!

I am so proud of my smartie pants husband - he passed Part Three National Boards!!! He is three for three so far with National Boards (plus he passed his physiotherapy national exam). He leaves on Monday to go to Atlanta for a week. He is in a class to help him study for boards Tuesday - Thursday and has Part Four National Exams on Friday and Saturday. If you have ever seen the show House, his Part Four is much like that. "The patient presents with such and such symptoms, what is wrong with him/her". This is done in actual rooms with actors as patients and a Dr. in the room to grade Kevin. This is a grueling test that covers not only Chiropratic but also medical symptoms. Please pray for him that he remembers the past four years of information and passes the test with flying colors!!!

Robbie and I are so proud of our hardworking hubby/daddy! Good luck next week Kevin!!!


Jon and Stefanie said...

That is awesome news! Such great accomplishments :)

Brooke said...

Way to go Kevin!!!! I know you guys will be so glad when this is're in the home stretch! Good luck with the final exam!