May 10, 2010

It's a sad day in the Lewis Household :(

Kevin is leaving for Atlanta today to begin his grueling week of studying for and taking part four national boards. It was a good good-bye for Robbie because one of his favorite words right now is good-bye while he does a cute wave. So he just kept laughing and saying good-bye, but Mommy (being preggers and very hormonal this time around) boo-hooed. You would think that I wasn't going to see him for a year - how do the military spouses do it??? I will see him on Saturday and I was acting like a fool! Poor Kevin! I am sure was thinking, stop crying, I have a million things to do but since you are CRAZY lately I better stand here and console you so I don't get into trouble!

Please keep my favorite man in your prayers this week!


Brooke said...

You are so darn funny!!! I am laughing so hard! Not funny that Kevin left (wishing him lots of luck by the way) but I can totally relate to the "i better console you...." Jeff has to do it all the time. I can tell when he's "consoling" in that manner because its a 'there, there' sort of hug while he pats my back. Those boys are so sweet!

We will thinking of you all this week!

MoCos said...

Loved all the pictures.. Congrats Kevin!! That is so exciting.. try and relax a bit before it gets crazy again!!