November 15, 2009

Go Auburn Tigers!

Kevin and I were so fortunate to attend an Auburn game this year with Kyle and Meghan (Kevin's brother and his wife). We had a lot of fun driving down to the game and listen to Iowa win on the satelite radio (or at least I had a lot of fun doing that!) and when we arrived we had time to eat a bite and check out the campus. Nana and Papa watched Robbie on their first overnight visit and of course he went to bed easily and slept through the night - now why can't he do that when we are home???

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Brooke said...

AWWWW, fun!! Go Tigers (ya know, its in my blood, too!)!! I love Auburn's campus--so beautiful. You guys look great. Robbie rocks orange and blue...and Im sure he looks great in yellow and black as well! ha!