January 21, 2009

Again??? Are you kidding me???

So, another funny story . . .

Kevin was suppose to go to a seminar this weekend in LA. He wanted to try to save money so he purchased a red eye back after his seminar ended on Saturday night. He was just taking a closer look at his itinerary today and realized that the flight was booked back for Friday night's red eye and not Saturday night's red eye. The airline said that he must not have been clear and Kevin swears up and down that he told her exactly what night he needed and even double checked with her before getting off the phone. I travel enough to know that I wouldn't trust the travel agent!!! Poor Kevin, it seems nothing is going his way lately.

The bad news is that he had to cancel his seminar but the good news is that he we get to spend the weekend together as a family and I am going to insist that we get out and do something fun! I just looked at Kevin's cousin Brooke's blog and she and her family do so many interesting things that I made a decision to get my butt out of the house and do something fun too! Does anyone else get stuck in the rut of staying near home on the weekends to clean house, do laundry and cook for the week??? Work, work, work. My dad was not kidding when he said that being an adult was not fun and full of work!

An update on Robbie - he is still a sick little guy. Has a very chesty cough, is not eating much and (sorry to be gross) has not had a poopy diaper in two days. The poor guy is just pitiful and we hate to see him like this. It really breaks our hearts! Even though he is not feeling well, he still has some smiles and laughs to go around when Kevin and I act incredibly silly - he loves it when we yawn and sneeze. We usually have to fake these and look stupid, but we don't care because we get to hear his adorable giggle and see his cute smile!


Jon and Stefanie said...

Fake sneezing and yawning -You guys are such a cute family!! Can't wait to meet Robbie someday! -Stef

Brooke said...

Ahhhh! Gosh, Tell Kevin to just stop doing anything until this black cloud leaves him! J/K!

Thanks for considering us "fun"!! We really just get out of the house to save our sanity!! All of us seem to benefit from fresh air or else we get loopy..Carter included!!!

Give Mr. Robbie a hug...we hope he gets better soon

Meghann Whitmer said...

Hey get some probiotics (powder form) and out it in his bootle..this should help him go potty. We put them in Lilly's bottle every morning and she has never been constipated.

MoCos said...

You guys just really need to hole up at home a couple days. Obviously you guys can't function in the real world.. Jk... Well we can't wait to see you guys in a couple months!!