January 29, 2009

Thanks, Kline Family

Kevin, Robbie and I went to our good friends, The Kline's, for dinner last night. Bridget made an INCREDIBLE dinner. I am still craving it this morning! They live just a few blocks away and sometimes it feels like miles - it takes us forever to getogether! We also played some Wii games with them and you will probably find this as funny as I did that their almost three year old legitimately beat Kevin at one of the games. It was so much fun to watch. We were joking that we missed the video games from our age - the ones were you could be lazy to play and sit down instead of the ones now where you need to move around! Robbie really enjoyed interacting with their two kids, Carter and Ava, but he seems to especially like "talking" to Ava who is about six months older than him. They kept looking at one another, squealing, talking and trying to touch each other. It was adorable! We joke that they will one day be boyfriend and girlfriend - if that is true I feel sorry for Ava . . . her boyfriend's parents will probably drive her crazy . . . well Robbie won't have it so good either because Tommy will be a scary daddy!

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