March 28, 2009

Dad, Cheri, Gina, Chedesters and Bottjens!

Great Grandma and Papa Chedester - he just adored them! He was giggling and talking a lot and kept looking up at them.
Grandpa Frank and his cousins Nicolas and Owen. Nic and Owen were so cute with him, so gentle, so curious, they made Robbie laugh harder than I have ever heard him!

His GREAT aunt Gina, and I mean great in many different ways! He loved being held by her and talking to her.

Grandma and Grandpa Cosgrove (Frank and Cheri) and Aunt Tiffani. He loved spending time with them.

Grandpa Frank and his little buddy. Robbie just giggled and talked up a storm with him. I think they are really going to enjoy each other. By the way - Dad you look GREAT! You have been working so hard (working out and recovery, not work, work) and it shows!

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