March 19, 2009

Mi Vida Loca

OK, so I typed my last message and then got all the way to posting all the pictures and I was writing a caption under each one and the computer pooped out on me, so no I have not posted the pictures yet and probably won't for a little while. We are leaving tomorrow morning (and have not packed yet!) to go to Iowa for almost a week. Robbie will experience his first plane ride and we are both excited and nervous. Work for me and school for Kevin are insane right now. We both feel like we can barely keep our heads above water, so that will explain why the blog is getting no attention - sorry everyone but this is a little low on my priority list right now! When we return we are hosting a friend of Kevin's from school, her husband and two children at the house because her husband has graciously offered to help Kevin pour a new stamped concrete patio. We are really excited for this little addition onto the back of the house so that we can start enjoying the backyard even more! Robbie loves to go out there, but the 8x8 or 10x10 space is just not cutting it!

I am wishing you all well and miss having the time to look at your blogs . . . hopefully things will slow down soon!

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Brooke said...

Good Luck on the plane..he will do fine! Time a feeding for take-off and have an arsenal of new toys (or toys he hasnt seen in a while) and pull them out in increments of 20 min or so.

Have a blast in Iowa and enjoy getting away from it all!!

PS-Tell Kevin he cant study while he's out there! : )