May 28, 2009

Computer Problems . . . Again

OK y'all - yes that is right, I said y'all!!! The computer is broken again so until that is fixed I really won't be able to post any pictures. I usually don't post a blog without pictures because I am not as entertaining as my other blogging friends so I figure you won't want to check it out unless you see cute pics of Robbie! I do have some cute ones to post as soon as I can. My dad and step mom are coming for a visit today so we should get some cute pictures of them while they are here.

My week at my base is coming up, I am getting nervous for it but hopefully all goes well. I guess it is only a week in Charlotte so I can't even begin to complain because of all the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines that we have overseas! After that is Kyle and Meghan's wedding which is going to be amazing. They are getting married on the beach at sunset in Charleston and then hosting a reception in a beach house one block off the beach. It is going to be such a fun weekend. The week after that I will be in Philadelphia for work, the week after that I will be in California and the week after that I will be in St. Louis. During this time Kevin is taking finals and also taking an additional class during his three week summer break. We are a very busy family right now but we are enjoying every minute that we have together. Robbie is amazing us every day with what he is learning and doing. He has one tooth that has poked out over his gums (but not all the way up yet). It is on the bottom and just too darn cute. He is so close to crawling. He is in the stage where he will be on his hands and knees and rock back and forth. He will take the first plunge but then immediately drop down to his belly. So close! His hair is getting so long but I refuse to cut it yet. Everyone keeps making comments about it and strangers always think he is a girl, but I just can't cut it yet. I used to think long hair on boys was icky, but I totally get it now. I said "I will never do that with my kids" way too much because I am not eating all of those words!

I wish everyone a great weekend. We are planning on spending some good quality time with Dad and Cheri. Lots of grilling out and some trips downtown. I want to show them the downtown farmers market on Saturday. Hopefully we can get some fresh fish - a company from Charleston will catch the fish and bring it up to be sold on the same day (yum yum!).

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MoCos said...

You guys are crazy busy! I don't know how you do it, you are superwoman. I hope you your computer gets fixed so I can see that you guys had some fun!! Good luck and keep us updated!!