August 3, 2009

New Developments

I have pictures and video to post, but let's just face it, that happens about once a month and this month is starting to get pretty busy . . . so I thought I would at least let you all know what Robbie is learning and doing . . .

First of all, I missed the first time he crawled because I was on a work trip. I missed the first time he said Mama because I was on a work trip and now this weekend I missed the first time he clapped because I was on military duty! Man, this stinks! But he had mastered this new skill by the time I got home on Saturday night. He was so pleased with himself. It was impossible to have a conversation with my in-laws because about every 10 seconds he was accomplishing another of his new skills and would clap and expect us to clap along with him. So, of course, we would all stop what we were saying and clap and say "YEAH". He would get so tickled.

Another new skill that he has accomplished "almost" walking. For a while now he has been able to pull himself up to standing and walk along the furniture. He also can go from sitting to standing without any assistance and bend over to pick up and items and then stand up straight again. So now he is letting go and taking a step or two before he falls. He can also stand up (without attempting to walk) for quite some time.

Like all parents, Kevin and I think our little man is a genius, ha ha, but I really do have a funny story about a recent moment where he figured something out that impressed me. I think Robbie is going to have Kevin's smarts . . . Kevin has this uncanny (and frankly sometimes annoying) ability to figure ANYTHING out. Give him a problem and he can solve it - even ones that you don't want him to! ;) Anyway, Robbie was playing with his Auburn ball and it rolled under the kitchen table. I was busy trying to make dinner but I have promised myself that I would enjoy moments with my family instead of always trying to accomplish tasks. So I took the time to watch him. He was trying to reach under the chair to grab the ball but could not quite get there. So he backed up and cocked his head to the side and you could tell that he was trying to figure out how to get to the ball. I walked over to him and just pointed to the other side of the chair and asked him if he could come over here and reach the ball easily. Without hesitiation he crawled right over and reached for the ball. Simple, I know, but it made me so proud and excited to see my little man problem solving!

Now on to the developments of the other less interesting people in our family . . . Kevin is taking part 2 (of 4) boards in four weeks. He spent this weekend studying while I was at military duty. This week he has midterms so that only leaves him with three weeks until boards. My mom and grandpa are coming for a 10 day visit and then we are going to Albany, GA to visit with the Lewises on Labor Day weekend. So that leaves Kevin with precious little time to study for boards. He is such a hard worker and I greatly appreciate the effort that he has to put into Chiropractic school. Watching him only reinforces my lazy attitude that I do not want to go back for my masters!

The same 'ole is going on with me. Work is busy and satisfying. I really enjoy what I do for a living, so it makes it that much easier. I will be in California next week but will take the next two weeks off from travel to enjoy time with my mom and grandpa. We are also going to the beach for a weekend too - I can't wait. Robbie loved the beach earlier this summer so I can't wait to see him now. He is a little water baby so it will be fun to see him play in the sand and water.

I will try to post video and pictures soon - I do have one interesting video of Robbie opening the safety gate at the top of the stairs. Kevin and I did not know that he could do that and found out after he fell down two stairs. Thankfully Kevin got to him before he went down the entire flight of stairs!


Jon and Stefanie said...

Enjoying time with family instead of accomplishing tasks...Robbie is so lucky to have you as a mama!

Rachael Hamilton said...

I think Jackson and Robbie are about on the same page when it comes to developmental milestones...pretty funny since they are 3 months apart! I guess your son is extra talented!;)

Brooke said...

AHHH, he is so stinkin' smart and WELL developed!!! Wow, I cant believe all that he is doing! Next he's gonna start'll turn your head and he'll be on top of the kitchen table!ha!